Brother, can you spare some ethics?

Friday, January 19, 2001 at 1:00am

Tomorrow the curtain descends on the Clinton presidency. In a sense, his presidency resembled a play. But whether this play was a triumph or disaster, a tragedy or comedy, there is a division of opinion.

Bill Clinton leaves office with a 65 percent approval rating, the highest of any outgoing president in modern time. Bill Clinton had enormous energy, personal talent and political intelligence to be president. He was bright, able to analyze mountains of data and then synthesize it into clear, sensible and focused policy.

He was one of the most effective campaigners of the 20th century. Clinton could give a coherent and persuasive speech before Congress, before the United Nations and foreign governments, and most of all, before the American people. His ability to communicate with an individual or with thousands was extraordinary. In any situation, Clinton came across warm, sincere and believable.


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