Case ends for former TennCare worker charged in custody battle

Wednesday, February 24, 2010 at 2:10am
Staff Reports

The state has closed its lengthy case against a former TennCare spokeswoman who was charged with wiretapping during a bitter custody battle between her husband and his ex-wife.

Marilyn T. Wilson, 34, has accepted pre-trial diversion in the case, which means the state will not prosecute the wiretapping charge if she follows certain requirements. The charge stemmed from Wilson’s alleged use of a state computer at her job to hack into the personal email account of Allen Baines and send fake messages in an attempt to discredit him.

Baines and his wife Regina were in a battle with Jerry and Marilyn Wilson over the custody of Regina and Jerry’s two children, a boy and a girl, both minors. Regina Baines is Jerry Wilson’s ex-wife; the couple separated in 2004.

Marilyn Wilson was charged with wiretapping in December after allegations surfaced that she used “key-logging” spyware to hack into, and send threatening messages from, Baines’ email account.

Allen and Regina Baines filed a lawsuit in November 2008 claiming the Wilsons concocted the fake emails in an attempt to discredit them and tip the court’s decision in their favor.

It came to light during the investigation that the IP address for one of the computers used to send one of the fake emails belonged to the state of Tennessee and was housed in the Office of Information Resources at the Department of Finance and Administration — a computer Marilyn Wilson, as an employee, allegedly could access.

Marilyn Wilson was put on paid leave by her employer, but resigned before the investigation was completed.

Jonathan P. Farmer of Jones Hawkins & Farmer PLC represented Marilyn Wilson in the wiretapping case. He said she believes the decision was a “fair agreement.”

“She is satisfied with the decision to divert the prosecution and is ready to move forward with her life,” Farmer said.


2 Comments on this post:

By: JeffF on 2/24/10 at 9:06

I will assume the child custody case didn't go for the Crazies either.

By: sunnysunday on 2/26/10 at 3:20

Then you will assume wrong JeffF.

Unfortunately, the damage that was caused by the forged emails was enough to push the case to their (the Crazies as you put it) side. In this type of case, even a suggestion such as were in these forged emails was enough to spread a shadow of doubt over the victims. By the time the Mother and her husband had PROVEN that this woman was in fact hacking in and creating forged, and quite horrific I might add, emails, the original custody case had ended. However, custody of the daughter in this case has since been awarded to the Mother. Unfortunately, the son in this case remains in the care and custody of the Father and his obviously vindictive and ethically challenged wife. They are all victims of this man and his wife.