Chamber endorses incumbents in school board race

Thursday, July 8, 2010 at 11:30am

The Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce’s SuccessPAC, a political action committee established for school board elections, announced its endorsements Thursday. They include support for both incumbents facing opposition.

Five seats are up for grabs during Metro's general election this year, but only two are contested.

Jo Ann Brannon, who has represented parts of south Nashville since 2006, is facing opposition from Davette Blalock and Connie Hunter. Brannon has received the endorsement of the Success PAC.

Kay Simmons, who represents parts of west Nashville and Bellevue after being appointed by the Metro Council last year, is squaring off against challenger Ronnie Osborne. The SuccessPAC has endorsed Simmons.

Running unopposed are Michael Hayes, Cheryl Mayes and Anna Shepherd. The SuccessPAC has endorsed all three.

Hayes is set to represent the Green Hills district currently held by school board chair David Fox; Mayes will represent the Antioch area district held by Karen Johnson; and Anna Shepherd will take over after Steve Glover, who represents the Donelson-Hermitage area.

“Each of these candidates will bring a unique perspective and an important set of skills and experience to the school board,” said Darrell Freeman, SuccessPAC chairman. “Since the last election, we have seen a more focused and effective school board, and we believe these new board members will build on the recent momentum by making decisions that put the academic success of our schoolchildren first.” 

Election Day is Aug. 5, with early voting set to begin July 16.

2 Comments on this post:

By: idgaf on 7/8/10 at 5:16

We need this kind of schoolboard why when we are paying adminstarors big bucks for what?

They are not qualified to weild the power they have been using.

By: govskeptic on 7/9/10 at 8:17

So, the taxpayers donate $600,000. + to the Chamber each yr so they can tell us who to vote for on the School Board. Where have their recommendations on anything gotten us so far? Cheaper labor and wages, dropping scores and several failing schools, constant recommendations for higher property taxes. I accept 90% like a bucket of spit, although not opposing any of the candidates suggested.