Chamber, others call for more involvement in Metro schools

Wednesday, September 8, 2010 at 6:52pm
Staff reports

The Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce, in concert with Metro Public Schools and a number of other groups, is asking citizens to get more involved in the city's public schools.

One Nashville is an outreach effort designed to bring more people — from parents to professional and anyone in between — into the fold of the city's public school system.

“The Nashville chamber initiated this effort because we understand that the success of our public schools affects us all,” said president and CEO Ralph Schulz. “For Nashville to continue to be a great city for families and businesses, we all must take responsibility for making sure we have great public schools.”

Along with volunteering, the groups are encouraging people to donate money and pledge to advocate for public schools.

“Improving our public schools is not just a government issue, it’s a community issue that requires the entire community’s involvement,” Mayor Karl Dean said. “The launch of One Nashville is a great step toward getting more of the community engaged in improving our public schools by providing one resource to learn what kind of involvement is right for them.”

Along with the chamber, mayor's office and school district, participating agencies are the PENCIL Foundation, the Nashville Alliance for Public Education, Stand for Children and Alignment Nashville

5 Comments on this post:

By: richgoose on 9/8/10 at 7:44

Unless the Chamber of Commerce endorses a need for reform schools in Davidson County I cannot in good conscience give them any credibility at all.

By: govskeptic on 9/9/10 at 6:30

So, does this mean the TEA/NEA and Service Employees
International won't get to run the system anymore? I'm
sure they will continue to place "their candidates" up to
run for School Board membership which actually runs the

By: artsmart on 9/9/10 at 8:05

We want your help as long as you agree with every decision we make and never have different opinion. Also can you make sure you pat us on the back whenever you see us. People and parents have been shoved kicking and screaming out of the schools for years, what has changed?

By: lynfh on 9/9/10 at 4:58

There are plenty of Metro schools with some serious parent involvement. Sadly, it is just never reported on. My PTO has talked about mentoring schools that do not understand how to organize parents to take part. If the Chamber really wants to influence change they should develop a program to go into schools, reach out to parents and teachers and teach them how to organize, volunteer and raise money. It is about creating a culture where parents and teachers work together. And I feel the schools this story is targeting do not have the tools to understand how to organize.

When you have working parents you start by picking a Saturday at a city park or a church and personally invite parents and teachers. Arrange child care for kids to play while parents meet. Make it a pot luck even! And then sit parents down and TEACH what to do. Not everyone is raised as a Junior Leaguer. But, I feel many parents would love to learn and make a difference. And every school is different with different needs. So it is not a one-size-fits all solution. So you can't give cash? There are plenty of businesses in Nashville that would give a few hundred dollars to help if you have a specific program it goes to. You have to learn to be resourceful. It can be done. We do it. But, you'll never hear that good news because bad news gets more comments.

By: MarianaRosa25 on 12/25/11 at 4:44

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