Charlotte Ave. store owner pleads guilty to theft of sales tax

Monday, November 26, 2012 at 6:12pm

A Nashville business owner faces probation after attempting to conceal state taxes from purchases.

A charge of felony theft of more than $10,000 was pursued against Christopher Mulwa, owner of the C.M. Discount Store on Charlotte Avenue, after an investigation found he owed more than $13,000 to the Tennessee Department of Revenue.

Mulwa, 56, pleaded guilty to the charge on Monday in Davidson County Criminal Court. A judge sentenced him to five years of supervised probation and will have to pay full restitution to the state.

“This investigation serves as a reminder that retailers are not entitled to use or keep sales tax monies,” said Revenue Commissioner Richard H. Roberts. “At all times these sales tax collections are property of our state and local governments and must be remitted to the state as required by law. Consumers who pay the tax deserve to know that the money will be used by the state and local governments for the common good.”

The state collected more than $2 billion in sales tax last year, according to the Revenue Department.

2 Comments on this post:

By: govskeptic on 11/27/12 at 8:04

"Owner faces probation". Now there is an example for all to follow that own
one of the thousands of businesses in Tn. that are suppose to collect the
taxes. If you are not caught you get to keep the 9.5% in your bank account.
If you are part of the small percentage actually caught, you will be taught a
tough lesson of a hand smacking and a request you pay back some small
amount (but usually not all) that you have stolen. Steal your neighbors used
TV and it is jail or prison time, oh what a system we call JUSTICE.

By: PKVol on 11/28/12 at 9:02

govskeptic, I had the same thought, where is the punishment for what this guy did? If you or I are late on a tax payment, we would get charged penalty at the rate of 5% per month up to 25% and interest on top of that at whatever the prevailing rate is. Punishment must be harsh in order to keep others from deciding it is worth the risk by doing the same thing.