Class-action lawsuit filed against Pilot in Nashville over alleged rebate fraud

Monday, June 3, 2013 at 12:31pm
Updated 1:33 p.m.

A class-action lawsuit was filed against truck stop company Pilot on Friday, furthering the legal action that has stemmed from a FBI investigation into an alleged rebate fraud scheme.

The suit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee on behalf of Nebraska truck owner and operator Paul Otto and all other Pilot customers since Jan. 1, 2005. The class could include “hundreds, if not thousands” of members, according to the lawsuit, filed by the local office of Lieff Cabraser Heimann and Bernstein.

The suit recounts the FBI search warrant affidavit that details recordings from an undercover informant of Pilot employees discussing the rebate fraud. Pilot allegedly preyed on trucking companies and customers by unknowingly reducing company rebates.

A Pilot employee claimed that company CEO Jimmy Haslam, brother of Gov. Bill Haslam, was aware of the scheme.

The suit argues that Pilot is guilty of fraud, deceptive trade practices, unjust enrichment, breach of contract, conversion and fraudulent concealment.

As of Monday morning, a federal judge had not approved the class-action certification of the case. Pilot currently has 3,300 contracts with trucking companies, according to its website.

Asked for comment, Pilot spokesman Tom Ingram said, “Pilot Flying J is aware of the suit and will defend it appropriately.”

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By: pswindle on 6/3/13 at 10:38

Slowly but surely expanding, but where old where will it land. My guess, at the door of the Governor's Mansion. How on earth could this have been going on and the owners are not aware. Come on, do you take all of for fools!

By: Rocket99 on 6/3/13 at 11:08

Sounds like Jimmy and Billy are in for a rough ride. Let's see how much he tries to hide from the courts.

By: Loner on 6/4/13 at 5:42

I schlepped this post over from another NCP thread...thought that it was appropriate...enjoy!

By: Loner on 6/2/13 at 6:52

Ripping off America's truckers is not a cool thing to do...and when one of the rip-off artists is the Governor of Tennessee, whose capital city is Nashville, Music City USA, it seems like the Country & Western songwriters need to step up and deliver...let me take a stab at it.

"Slammed by the Haslams", sounds like a functional working title for the much-needed ballad.

You got slammed by the Haslams....Slammed at the pumps.
You got hosed by the Haslams.... They kicked you in the rump.

The Feds say that It's a fact. They say there's no debate.
Truckers took it in the shorts, on those phony fuel rebates.
I'm talking about those truck-stops; Pilot and the Flying-J.
Now, whistle-blowers are blowin'...and here is what they say.

You got slammed by the Haslams....Slammed at the pumps.
You got hosed by the Haslams.... They kicked you in the rump.
You got ripped-off by the orchestrated scam.
Now the Governor of Tennessee is in one helluva jam.

When Billy Haslam took the oath, as Governor of Tennessee.
He did something quite peculiar, something you don't often see.
Said "I don't need no blind all can can just trust me."
"That's the way we do the state of Tennessee."

You got slammed by the Haslams....Slammed at the pumps.
You got hosed by the Haslams.... They kicked you in the rump.

I hear it in the key of G Major....allegro tempo....any feedback on the tune?

By: treehugger7 on 6/4/13 at 6:26

Love it, Loner! Just in time for the CMA happenings this week!

By: Loner on 6/4/13 at 10:26

Thank you, Treehugger...some local Nashville radio station could produce and air it....I'd like some credit, of course....unless there's a defamation of character lawsuit filed by the that case...I don't know nuthin'.

Hey, screwing America's truckers is just plain lousy....the perps should pay the price....and now is the time to strike back.

By: pswindle on 6/5/13 at 7:37

I can't believe how quiet the GOP has been about this Pilot crime. Our Governor has almost crawled into a hole. Not much from him on anything.