Clinton: Republicans are ideologues impervious to evidence

Friday, September 10, 2010 at 1:20am

Former President Bill Clinton, stumping for gubernatorial candidate Mike McWherter in Nashville, said encouraging voters to move beyond the country’s current state of anger, apathy and amnesia is the key to victory in November.

On his third campaign stop of the day in three states, Clinton headlined a rally for the McWherter scion on a drizzly evening in downtown's Hall of Fame Park.

McWherter, Clinton said, would be the next governor if the candidate’s supporters could convince other voters to move on and ask which party will lower the unemployment rate and increase investing from banks.

He said voters must ask, "What are we going to do now and who is most likely to do it?"

Clinton called the Republicans “ideologues [who are] impervious to evidence.”

“They only care about the budget when we’re in, and then they want to get rid of education and privatize Social Security and Medicare — this is their word not mine — and give people in my income group another tax cut,” Clinton said.

Before introducing Clinton, McWherter aligned himself with his father, former Gov. Ned McWherter, Clinton and Gov. Phil Bredesen as what he called fiscally responsible Democrats who each inherited “fiscal messes.”

“I know I’m in a tough race, and I know I need your help to be victorious,” McWherter said, adding that his opponent Bill Haslam had spent “millions of dollars covering up our airwaves, and yet he doesn’t tell you anything about his record as [Knoxville] mayor or tell you about the direction he wants to see Tennessee move in.”

McWherter accused Haslam of being out of touch with Tennessee voters and the Haslam family company, Pilot Oil Corp., of price-gouging customers and shirking responsibility.

Of McWherter’s supporters in the crowd, Mike W. Lane and his son, Mike A. Lane, traveled four-and-a-half hours from Carter County in northeast Tennessee to support McWherter and listen to Clinton speak.

Holding a sign reading “Carter Co. loves Bill and Mike,” the elder Lane said of the candidate, “He’s qualified for the job, and he’s what our state needs right now.”

Lane pointed to McWherter’s “excellent adviser” at his disposal in his father, the former governor, as the reason the Democrat is more appealing to him than Haslam.

For J.D. Moore of Old Hickory, it’s strictly a party issue in an election he said looked “grim” for Democrats.

“I don’t have a problem with Bill Haslam. I just can’t do anything Republican,” he said.


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By: willtw on 9/10/10 at 2:20

He is qualified because of his Dad, Ned Ray? Did Slick Willi share with Mikey one of his infamous smokes? Slick cannot do anything with Republicans? More smoke and mirrors from one of the Obama's best know the Hilda Beast's wannabee hubby..........Go home, Bill.

By: govskeptic on 9/10/10 at 5:43

As Mr. Forrester said: "This crowd is here to hear what Mike
has to say about running this state"! Well?

By: willtw on 9/10/10 at 6:39

Tennessee is an independent voting, thinking state. Hardly party affiliated, votes accumulate for the man versus the party. Most everyone is willing to give the GOP one last chance...2 years at best and if some positive turn around does not occur, OUT THEY GO!!!!!! Then it's time for a third party...............This "hopie and changie" is not working.....

By: Rocket99 on 9/10/10 at 7:46

Not sure what state you're really talking about there willtw. Tennessee is very much a party affiliated state.

Right now Tennessee is heavily republican because that party (religous right) has people thinking their party is the party of God & Jesus because it's being preached that way and the ministers are getting away with it.

By: Tull on 9/10/10 at 8:42

"and then they want to get rid of education and privatize Social Security and Medicare — this is their word not mine — and give people in my income group another tax cut,”
Wouldn't it be great if politicians could tell the truth just once!
"get rid of education " - what the hell does that mean?
"privatize Social Security and Medicare" - maybe he is talking about giving people the CHOICE to invest some of there hard earned money in the private sector.
"give people in my income group another tax cut" - you mean keep your tax rate the same and not raise your taxes?
We must demand that the people that we elect and work for us TELL THE TRUTH!

By: morpheus120 on 9/10/10 at 9:01

Tull says: "maybe he is talking about giving people the CHOICE to invest some of there hard earned money in the private sector."

They already have that choice, Tull. You can invest in Wall Street's pyramid schemes with your 401k, your kid's college fund, or your life savings all you want.

You clearly don't understand why Social Security and Medicare were created - to provide a safety net for people so they aren't thrown out on the street to die. Remember that it is because the private sector ruined the economy and created the Great Depression that brought about the creation of SS and, later, Medicare.

Also, why the hell would you want to put SS funds in the hands of the same people that caused the current recession? Are you really that ignorant about what is going on out there? You've just proven the headline of this article to be true.

By: conservarage on 9/10/10 at 9:07

i notice they didn't mention the size of the crowd...which reportedly was only ~1000 instead of the tens of thousands clinton drew when he was at LP a few years back.

By: pswindle on 9/10/10 at 9:14

I hope the people of TN will wake up and get the churches out of the state's business. The preachers in this state have too much power. Every election the right-wing nuts start on abortion, and that gets their attention, and they lose their minds over something that they do not fully understand. Thank you Mr. President for coming to our state and reminding our great state what could happen if given a chance. Go Mike!

By: Alphadog7 on 9/10/10 at 10:10

The irony of the title of the article and the last sentence was not lost on me...

By: chiefpayne568 on 9/10/10 at 12:34

Sorry but anyone who has Bill Clinton stumping has ZERO credibility for me.

McWherter just lost a vote HERE.

By: on 9/10/10 at 12:38

Vote Libertarian!!!

By: Alphadog7 on 9/10/10 at 2:37

Morpheus do you understand where the money goes when you buy a stock? Seriously?

Not to Chris Dodd and Barney Frank...

By: MK-Ultra on 9/11/10 at 7:43

Everyone missed it !

With Clinton in Tennessee , we had the worlds largest collection of impeached Presidents here . A world record !
BTW , both were Democrats .