Commercial real estate executives arrested at Berry Hill pub

Monday, October 8, 2012 at 5:23pm
Ray Hensler, Whitfield Hamilton and David McGahren

A Saturday night outing among local real estate heavyweights at M.L. Rose Craft Beers & Burgers turned into a drunken melee resulting in six arrests.

Whitfield Hamilton, 48, partner at Panattoni Development Company, Raymond Hensler, 45, president of Corner Realty and Cassidy Turley exec David McGahren, 56, were arrested on various charges.

According to police affidavits taken out by the Berry Hill Police Department, the group was being disruptive and management asked them to leave. Several members of the party were too intoxicated to be served.

A BHPD officer arrived at the pub, but the party still refused to leave. While being placed under arrest, Hensler became unruly and “fought with [the] officer to the point where the subject had to be sprayed with a chemical agent and be taken to the ground to be hand cuffed,” an affidavit said. Hensler is facing charges of resisting arrest, assault of an officer and public intoxication.

Hensler's wife, Kindy, 44, was also arrested for public intoxication and disorderly conduct. She allegedly attempted to kick out the window of a patrol car after she was arrested.

Meanwhile, Hamilton and two other women, Teresa Ellis, 35, and Elizabeth Lindsey, 40, were also arrested for public intoxication and disorderly conduct. Hamilton allegedly attempted to interfere with an officer as he was attempting to take a report.

Ellis is also being charged with assault after she allegedly struck an police officer on the head and the arm with her hand.

McGahren was asked to go across the street several times, but he refused to leave the area, an affidavit said. He was charged with public intoxication, but court records show that the charge was dismissed.

Hensler is a prominent local developer who last month unveiled plans for a luxury high-rise in the Gulch. He also developed the Adelicia high-rise apartments near Music Row.

Hamilton is a former Colliers partner who now directs the Southeast region for Panattoni.

McGahren, Cassidy Turley’s top local industrial property broker, was asked to go across the street several times but refused to leave the area, an affidavit said. He was charged with public intoxication, but court records show that the charge has been dismissed.

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By: Jughead on 10/8/12 at 3:28


By: Rasputin72 on 10/8/12 at 3:46

If my guess is correct there were some drunken real estate A-holes confronted by some mis-fit police A-holes

By: jsnap on 10/8/12 at 4:08

They have connections. All charges will be dropped.

By: NewYorker1 on 10/8/12 at 10:14

OH NO!!!! Those poor babies.

By: Ask01 on 10/9/12 at 3:52

Real estate executives, eh? I wonder which poor sap they hosed over to come by the monies to have such a rip roaring party.

By: budlight on 10/9/12 at 7:27

Ask01 why is every suspect to being a "poor sap" that someone hoses over to come by monies with you people? Selling real estate and buying real estate is just as important as eating and buying clothes.

By: govskeptic on 10/9/12 at 7:32

You better do what they order you to do in Berry Hill whether they have the
right tp order pne tp do certaom things or not. Merchants aare always the
trusted word to the officers compared to the customer being interrogated.

By: budlight on 10/9/12 at 7:52

Gov, we should all do what a law enforcement officer says. If they are wrong, we can file a complaint, but we should not complain or provoke a guy or gal with a badge, gun and possibly who has had a bad day. Not a good combination.

And that wife who tried to kick in the window (or kick it out) is sure not acting "lady-like" and I don't mind saying it that way. So we should not be upset when someone running for office says it (LOL). What's that guy's name anyway? I think he's the one who was talking about women's birth control issues - running for something. Gee, just remember the incident, not his name. I'm slipping.

By: girliegirl on 10/9/12 at 8:14

Sidney, this is the Land Trust of TN....they're a surly lot, or so I've been told. LOL

By: pnance on 10/9/12 at 9:09

Makes me glad I don't drink. I do enough stupid things without alcohol.

By: Kelliente on 10/9/12 at 10:01

M. L. Rose is turning out to be rowdier than the real Melrose.
I'm sure it's because it attracts more douchebags.

By: WayneR on 10/9/12 at 10:12


The Tennessean reported on this group stating:

T>The small throng of people left an annual fundraiser for the Land
Trust for Tennessee at the Glen Leven Farm on Franklin Pike on
Saturday evening, according to defense attorney David Raybin, who is
representing the Henslers. Billed as "a high-class event with
down-home style," the event was $225 a head, or $2,250 for a table of

High-class indeed. Money, no matter how much, does not equate to
class. You cannot buy it.

The Tennessean also said:

T> Among the arrested were developer Ray Hensler, 45; his wife,
attorney Kindy Hensler, 44; developer Whitfield Hamilton, 48; his
wife, realtor Teresa Hamilton; real estate broker David McGahren, 56;
and Vanderbilt physician Elizabeth Lindsey, 40.

Link to the Tennessean story below. The print copy had photos of the
entire gang of six. Online only Mr. Hensler gets his photo

On October 5th, the Tennessean ran a piece on the Land Trust with

Court date is:

T> All six defendants have a court date set for next month in
front of General Sessions Judge Dianne Turner.

The wheels of justice.....


By: lorbnash on 10/9/12 at 11:10


Ridiculous behavior. And nice wife that tries to kick out window. Who was their designated driver is what I want to know.

By: TITAN1 on 10/9/12 at 2:24

Been there done that, pnance. Glad it is behind me.

By: Ask01 on 10/9/12 at 2:37

By: budlight on 10/9/12 at 8:27
Ask01 why is every suspect to being a "poor sap" that someone hoses over to come by monies with you people? Selling real estate and buying real estate is just as important as eating and buying clothes.

As best I can make out from your attempt at communication, you are asking why I suspect these real estate executives hosed over someone, refered to as a poor sap, to get their money, is that essentially correct?

The obvious answer is I hold certain 'sales' jobs is the same regard as I do extrotionists. Among these are real estate brokers, and used, for that matter, even some new car sales people. Anytime someone pulls out calculators and starts playing with numbers, I immediately look for the sleight of hand and dealing from the bottom of the deck.

Just one of the few prejudices I harbor.

You are correct about following the directions of armed police, as you don't know which ones will prove to be unstable, and fly into a rage if questioned.

I keep a small digital camera where I can surreptitiously record enounters with law enforcement, should I ever have such. Unobtrusive and very covert, they would never realize they are about to go viral at the least hint of misconduct.

By: americanblue on 10/9/12 at 3:23

Is it just me or do they all look highly intoxicated in their mugshots? Or maybe it is from the face full of pepper spray they got? So they were being obnoxious/drinking without ID's and were asked to leave. All they had to do was leave quietly and everything would have been fine. But I guess they felt they were above the law, and decided to act like immature idiots. Too bad they will get off with only a slap on the wrist.

By: Rasputin72 on 10/9/12 at 5:09

I love the idea of a camera ehen encountering even a speeding stop.

There may be good cops and I suspect there are. However based on my high school acquaintances that became cops I am suspicious of every one of them.

There were a few that were one notch pnly ahead of being a criminal.

By: TITAN1 on 10/9/12 at 8:10

Ask01, you think there should be no law. You do not respect authority of any kind. If we lived in your fantasy world it would be total chaos. So paranoid that you carry a camera, good grief. Trust is a wonderful thing, you should try it sometime.

By: Ask01 on 10/10/12 at 7:22

TITAN1, I have tremendous trust, particulalrly in Those you claim you worship, (although some of your posts do not convey any true public demonstration of any such faith,) I just do not feel that respect or trust with police.

Besides, if your heroes are acting properly what would they, you in particular, I suspect, have to fear?

By: Ask01 on 10/10/12 at 8:29

I was rather obtuse in the last paragraph. Let me be more specific. The heroes to whom I refer are those armed and badged minions, skulking about behind phone poles with radar guns, as opposed to skulking about on foot in bad parts of town, seeking out true criminals.

By: johnny fleming on 10/10/12 at 6:45

Fire these people!!! They live on my parents street... The guy on the left tried to start trouble with me. He said I was speeding. I was only going 20 mph. These people are always drunk!!! And who the heck trust these reckless kids with big money projects??? knowing these people I'm sure Pills with drinking made them act crazy. Police have to arrest intoxicated.. its the job... But why are these people Allowed to make huge $$ acting like retards?? These people would be Fired if they worked for me!!!!