Condos to blend in with Sylvan Park community

Wednesday, April 11, 2001 at 1:00am

Sylvan Park will get a condominium at 5000 Park Ave. across from Richland Park. Construction will start next week and will last for about nine months, according to builder Robert French with R.D. French Co.

The new development is, under the new Urban Zoning Overlay, zoned for residential and office space.

French said he decided to put a five-unit condominium on Park Avenue primarily because he liked to see inner-city development versus people moving out of the city into the suburbs.

He said he was fond of the office/residential zoning because it allows residents to work and live in the same building and ensures that some tenant will be on the property around the clock.

French said the property was on a quarter acre, and there would be four two-bedroom units and a one-bedroom unit. The two-bedroom apartments will be 1,255 square feet, the one-bedroom 900 square feet.

The single bedroom condominium will be offered on the market for $149,900, while the other four units will cost $189,900 each.

"What I'm trying to do is to give it an older look to blend in with the community," French said.

Sylvan Park Neighborhood Association President Bernard Pickney said,

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