Cool Springs woman’s windshield smashed by hedge apple

Monday, October 25, 2010 at 7:16pm
Staff reports

A hedge apple that smashed into the windshield of a woman’s vehicle late Sunday morning may have been shot out of a potato gun, according to Franklin police.

The woman had her 8-year-old child in her Jeep with her as she drove on McEwen Drive near Cool Springs Boulevard when someone in a nearby tree line apparently shot the hedge apple, a dense, wrinkled, up to 6-inch fruit of the Osage orange tree, at her vehicle.

The windshield was broken during the incident, but neither the woman nor her child was injured.

The force of the impact led police to suspect someone launched the object from a potato gun — a pipe-based cannon that uses air pressure or gasoline combustion to launch projectiles at high speeds.

The device can be dangerous, and could result in serious injury or death, according to police. They encourage parents to talk to their children about the dangers of interfering with traffic.

Anyone with information about this case can call Franklin police at 794-2513.

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By: blktenn on 10/26/10 at 6:18

Well.. Well.....

You want everyone to carry a gun, even while out eatting and around our kids. Now the tone is being set for kids and teens by (SOME) Parents. " It's fine to carry and shoot without responsibility" If you don't beleive me stay TUNED. In the next 10 years in this Great State you will see more cases of ADULTS killing each other in some of the most unlikely places. I pray I am wrong about guns and people being hurt.

By: girliegirl on 10/26/10 at 6:54

@blktenn....Sorry, but this antic has been around LONG before Guns in Bars was ever conceived. Back in the 60s, kids in Tx used to hurl these "horse apples" at folks as a prank. Now the internet has "how to" videos for kids to learn to design/manufacture home made rocket launchers. ;-)

By: fightcrib on 10/26/10 at 11:06

See, and apple a day is not always a good thing. HA!!!! knee slapper. Fightcrib, BNA