Council gives green light for $250M capital spending plan

Tuesday, September 21, 2010 at 10:04pm

Mayor Karl Dean’s capital-spending plan moved forward Tuesday night, as the Metro Council approved the issuance of general obligation bonds to pay for a list of projects rolled out by the mayor and his administration over the past two weeks.

“We can now start spending money on those projects,” Metro Finance Director Richard Riebeling said. “They are really important community projects, and we’ll get moving on them right away.”

With the council’s vote on the initial resolution, the bond issuance is not to exceed $250 million. Dean’s capital-spending plan –– originally postponed following May’s flood, but tweaked and filed again earlier this month –– includes $209.8 million in capital improvement projects and another $31 million in self-funded projects.

Some of the highlights among Dean’s capital projects include:

• A revamped west wing of Hickory Hollow Mall in Antioch, which will include a new library, public health center and multi-acre public park. In addition, the mall will house a new expo center, which will feature the flea market and other events currently held at the fairgrounds property.

• Construction of a new 28th Avenue Connector that will bridge north Nashville with west Nashville near Centennial Park.

• Plans to locate a new DNA crime lab at the former Peterbilt truck manufacturing site in Madison. The former Peterbilt site will also house Metro Transit Authority’s administrative offices.

• Plans to kick-off the planning and public-input phase for a new 40-acre park at the fairgrounds site.

• $20 million in road and infrastructure work and $15.5 million in new sidewalks and bikeways.

• A new community center at Sevier Park.

“We’re going to move as fast as we can,” Riebeling said. “I think you’ll see some progress on a lot of these in the near future.”

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By: Alphadog7 on 9/22/10 at 8:05

New sidewalks won't help much unless we enforce parking laws to keep cars from parking on them.

By: concernedtaxpayer on 9/22/10 at 8:32

Looks like Dean and Obama have alot in common (Lets get the taxpayers in as much debt as we can).

By: bfra on 9/22/10 at 10:05

Dean's spineless puppet council just issued him another blank check on the taxpayer's! We need people that won't dance on Dean's strings.

By: on 9/22/10 at 10:45

Dean is the most irresponsible Mayor we've had except for possibly for Purcell, both public employee's who have done nothing but feed at the public trough their whole careers. They major in spending the public's money. Mark my words, they are going to kill the flea market,(that's just one carjacking away) shut down a public institution in the State Fair and close a money making business, the Fairgrounds Speedway. The man has some untold internal need to create things the way he thinks they should be, the populate be dammed! A mayor is an administrator, not an event builder, city designer or even a politician who has been given a mandate to make all of these changes and spend all of this money. The city council is being just as negligent as the Congress and I hope the citizens of Nashville remember who rubber stamped this travesty of a spending bill when it comes to the next election.

By: producer2 on 9/22/10 at 12:07

Thank you Metro Council for your diligence in the face of the vocal minority. Moving Nashville ahead and creating the kind of City the majority of us are looking for is never an easy task. We all pay our fair share and as in everything you are never going to please us all.

By: mt_remax on 9/22/10 at 12:21

I can't believe all you people do is yell about the tax money they are spending .. WHAT'S IT FOR IF NOT TO MAKE THE CITY NICER??? These areas they are talking about have needed love and help for a long time coming! Have some vision and be happy they are making Nashville a wonderful place to leave and bringing in jobs, real estate and more!

By: mt_remax on 9/22/10 at 12:21


By: Blanketnazi2 on 9/23/10 at 5:41

people complain about the city not caring about the Hickory Hollow area, and now that the mayor is trying to help, they complain that he's spending money! you just can't win with some folks.

Thank you, Mayor Dean!

By: JeffF on 9/23/10 at 2:26

All this is meaningless until these plans make it into the actual operating budget for the FY. There is a lot of electioneering going on. I have no problem with money being spent in these areas, I have a problem with the lateness and the amounts. $250 million spread among 95% of the land area and 98.4% of the population in an election year only after a billion is promised in downtown's considerable minority presence.

Divide the money we have spent on out-of-town conventioneers and meeting planners by the number of additional convention attendees. The compare that to the amount spent on actual Nashvillians divided by the number of people expected to actually use these election year promises.

Don't fool yourself into thinking that money was spent on downtown to benefit Nashvillians. It was spent for a pretty tight and well connected group.

What bank holds the money for MDHA and the Convention Center Authority again? Avenue Bank?

By: Vuenbelvue on 9/23/10 at 6:11

One of my friends told me today (9/23) that another large contract on the MCC went to a out of town masonry contractor from Gainesville, Florida in the ballpark of $6,000,000. If this is true, all the masonry companies in Nashville that bid, 5 companies, that have practically built and help design every building in this side of the state were passed over by Clark-Bell. Nothing like giving contracts to local people. Have any Nashville companies landed any sizable work? That would be over $3-4 million in contracts?
Thank you for taking care of Nashville companies and employees.
The vocal minority

By: yucchhii on 9/24/10 at 1:41

You can tell Dean all you want how bad he's messing the city up. The thing is that it's CLEAR that he ALREADY knows this! How can you do things like he's doing and NOT know? The problem is absolutely CLEAR...HE'S IS ALL ABOUT HIMSELF AND THOSE THAT BACK HIM ARE IN ON IT TOO!!! WHAT ELSE COULD IT BE? THE PROBLEM IS CLEAR, CUT AND DRY..."GREED"!!! If you were to pose the question as to WHY they do things that are messing up the city, they would do NOTHING BUT GIVE YOU A "POLITICAL BS BEAT AROUND THE BUSH ANSWER! Why? Beacuse they really could NOT give you a TRUTHFUL answer beacuse if they did that, they would INCRIMINATE themselves! I DARE ANY OF THE POLITICIANS to prove me wrong!!!

By: Trumpetman on 9/29/10 at 9:03

To Blanketnazi2:

It is not the people who live in the Hickoy Hollow/Antioch area who are complaining about what Mayor Dean is planning on doing with the mall. It is the people who are not living nor in support of the area and want to see it fail. A lot of people in the Nashville are are very greedy and think that all the attention, new developments, "money", etc, should only be distributed to areas of town that already have everything they need, while other areas suffer. That is one reason why Nashville is not a true Metropolitian city because so many people have the "all about me" syndrone and don't know how to expand and work together as a metropolitian city.