Councilman Brady Banks speaks

Sunday, March 4, 2012 at 11:40pm

For two-plus weeks, Brady Banks had kept public silence following his arrest on Feb. 16, when police charged the rookie Metro councilman with a misdemeanor charge for patronizing prostitution.

In the immediate aftermath of the arrest, Banks declined to return phone calls or respond to emails, and he skipped out early from a Metro Council meeting Feb. 21 as members were weighing a resolution calling for the resignation of embattled Davidson County Clerk John Arriola. That resolution passed.

Banks ended his silence with an interview with The City Paper that admittedly leaves some questions unanswered, but nonetheless represents Banks’ first statements following the arrests.  

He told The City Paper: “I am so very sorry for the hurt I have caused my wife, family, friends and neighbors. I have damaged the most important relationships in my life. I am personally responsible for my actions and deserving of the criticism of my failure.”

Banks answered all questions The City Paper asked, but by prior agreement, his attorney Jonathan Farmer would not allow questions about the case ahead of his March 6 court date.


What’s been the most difficult part about the last two weeks?

The most difficult thing has been to begin the process of repairing the damage done to my relationships, especially with my wife, having to explain this failure to family and friends, and coming to grips with my actions.


I know your lawyer will not allow you to talk about the pending case. Excluding the event for which you have been charged, have you ever solicited a prostitute?



Less than 24 hours after your arrest, you resigned from your job at the governor’s Books From Birth Foundation. Do you plan to resign from your Metro Council seat or will you continue serving?

I have been dealing with what is most important — my wife and my family — and trying to get all the help I need to start rebuilding trust and healing my relationships. I plan to work as hard as I can to regain the respect and trust of the people I was elected to serve.


If you do continue to serve, how do you plan to regain the public’s trust, particularly the people who live in District 4?

I want to continue to work hard, do a good job and continue to listen to my neighbors and try to do what they elected me to do on the council. I have always wanted to serve people, and I want to continue to serve.


A constituent of yours has discussed launching a recall effort. What’s your response to that? Would you fight that effort?

A recall effort is an option for anyone. I understand that my neighbors are rightfully disappointed. But I intend to continue the job I was elected to do, and I will reach out and do everything in my power to regain their trust.


At last week’s council meeting, you showed up minutes after the meeting started but left before the meeting’s business concluded. Explain your appearance.

I was elected to do a job for the people of District 4. Part of that job is to represent them at council meetings. I take that very seriously. With regard to leaving before the end of the meeting, I didn’t think it was appropriate for me to participate in the end of the agenda given my situation.


Some have noted that you’re a graduate of Harvard Divinity School and that your wife is a minister. What’s your response to those who think you should be held to a higher standard?

My wife and I have come to an understanding about what is necessary in our relationship — forgiveness with an effort to make things right. That is who we are, that is how we have chosen to address this. I have asked Kristin for forgiveness, and she has offered it. We are praying together and are committed to staying together. I believe the standard I will hold myself to is to work as hard as I can to make things right.


Were you aware a Franklin Road Academy high school coach had been arrested the week before in a police prostitution sting?


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By: hattrick3 on 3/4/12 at 11:02

Brady Banks, you are a hypocrite! The person you are and have acted like is not the one that ran for office. You have proven to be dishonest and unethical. How dare you represent the city of Nashville in this way. You should quit your position and then try to repair the tremendous damage you have done to your neighbors in District 4 and the city of Nashville and then you should rerun for office but until then, get out. One more thing, nobody will believe this was your first time with a whore.

By: budlight on 3/5/12 at 6:23

Mr. Banks, your family life is your personal business and I wish you all the best at repairng the damage you have done. It sounds like your wife will have a firm grip on forgiveness since she is a minister. However, you failed at your job and you should be fired. In this case you are elected and should resign. You know the laws about soliciting and yet you choose to break the law. It was no accident. It was your personal choice to solicite. YOU broke the law. Now resign and let someone else have a chance to be the Councilperson for your district. Do the RIGHT THING, Mr. Banks. Resign.

By: bombing8 on 3/5/12 at 6:24

and just what is the "tremendous damage done to your neighbors...", hattrick3? After reading your last sentence, I surely trust Brady more than your brand of moralist.

By: treehugger7 on 3/5/12 at 7:10

Time to go, Brady. Resign before you are forced out. Maybe learn to keep it in your pants...

By: TRHJR on 3/5/12 at 8:54

thats just the question or answer the " TRUST " has just been spit on , that was the damage he caused .... that was for the bomb dude ..... the people of dis 4 ... how can they belive anything that comes out of this fellows mouth ..... just another left-wing step in it politician

By: readerheretoo on 3/5/12 at 9:14

I'm sorry for the family's suffering but Mr. Banks needs to resign. Like it or not, prostitution is a crime and Mr. Banks is sworn to uphold the law. If his own family cannot trust him to keep his commitments, how can voters?

By: on 3/5/12 at 10:21

Councilman Banks definitely made a mistake, which he seems to understand. And he probably has learned his lesson never to do something like that again. However, it is not as if he killed somebody. He was charged with a misdemeanor, not a felony. Out of the 40 Council members, it is very likely that another member has at some time been charged with a misdemeanor. Further, Councilman Banks has not been convicted of anything at this point.

Using this logic, if his resignation is sought, we need resignations of all in the Council who have been charged with a misdemeanor. In addition, if people with midemeanor charges (or convictions) are not allowed to serve in the Council, in the future, people with such charges should not even be allowed to qualify or run for the office.

I am not suggesting that, but just showing how things can be taken to the extreme.

By: wasaw on 3/5/12 at 11:05

Now folks, we are about to see "situational ethics" rear its ugly head. There is no white or black anymore, especially in politics. If a politician gets caught doing something that involves a violation of the law (which they all swear to uphold), there will always be someone who will come up with a reason why the politician should not be held accountable.

The council oversees all of the workings of the city, and its employees. If a Metro fireman or police officer were caught in this same sting, they would be fired. So why shouldn't a Metro council person be held to the same accountability?

Oh, and one last thing. No one gets caught on their first offense. Just ask Councilman Ronnie Steine. He was being watched religiously by theft prevention officers in the West Nashville stores, before we was finally nabbed. Do you really think this was Councilman's Banks first visit to our "ladies of the day/evening"? Do you wonder if his wife has gone to her doctor for a STD test? If she's smart, she has.

By: Jughead on 3/5/12 at 12:33

Blah,blah,blah. He was caught the first time he solicited a tramp? Yea--right.

What a dang liar. Typical for Metro Council--gambling, theft, prostitution.

By: Jughead on 3/5/12 at 12:34

RECALL!!! Sometimes you have to throw maggots out because they will continue to slime as long as you let them.

By: GoPreds615 on 3/5/12 at 2:17

LOL... wow what a pathetic human being. The funniest part of this whole situation is that he wasn't busted in some "CLIENT #9 News Ch. 4 Special Report"... This IDIOT went to some shady online ad for a cheap hooker. What a complete moron! I mean really?? I'd love to see the search results on this guy's computer. If an elected official is that stupid they have got to go! If I lived in that district I would get a recall started ASAP. Brady if you are reading this... go crawl in a hole and never come back... you are a disgusting pig!

By: dargent7 on 3/6/12 at 5:51

Blah, blah,...I loved the question, "Was this your first time soliciting a prostitute? "No".
Sure, right, pal.

By: Kosh III on 3/6/12 at 7:38

Legalize prostitution and tax it. We're supposed to be a free country.

What's the difference here? You have women who get paid for selling physical services and it's illegal. Then you have Vince Young selling physical services and he's lauded and paid millions. "Woe unto you....hypocrites."

By: chetuno on 3/6/12 at 5:34

Banks needs to resign from the Metro Council ASAP.

By: Nitzche on 3/7/12 at 11:48

good democrat go easy on just emulating slick willie

By: Jughead on 3/7/12 at 12:36

Dude is a gigantic slimeball. Think he needs to join up with Arriola.

By: fedupwcowards on 6/20/12 at 7:48

RECALL Banks for increasing our taxes and for his prostitution liking-ways