Councilman looks to land passive park for Cane Ridge area

Monday, May 23, 2011 at 10:05pm

Metro Councilman Sam Coleman said Monday he is optimistic work will begin by November on a “passive park” for the Cane Ridge area, with three public input meetings to spur feedback for the project.

The park, slated to be located on 17.5 acres at the Hobson Pike/Murfreesboro Road intersection, would be primarily green space, with only a basketball court and walking paths to “interrupt” the natural form.

“It’s going to happen,” Coleman said, as he prepared for the first public meeting Monday night.  

Coleman, who represents District 32 in southeast Davidson County, has been working on the park since 2006. Metro has committed $1.15 million to the green space. The councilman hopes an elementary school is built on 11 acres of adjoining land.

“The whole idea is to create space for an elementary school,” he said of the park, which will service the school if it’s built.

Cane Ridge Park is the only park in the area.

The Belz family (known for developing shopping malls) owns the property, located near the old Starwood Amphitheater site, and donated the land.

Jackie Jones, spokeswoman for the Metro Parks Department, said it is too early to discuss specifics of the park.

“There is not a lot to say at this particular juncture,” Jones said. “We’re there [at the public meetings] to get input.”

Jones said the department defines a passive park as one that is not actively programmed on a regular basis and/or one that is limited to open green space.

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By: richgoose on 5/24/11 at 6:36

This is a wonderful idea and project. It should keep a large number of drug deals out of other areas.