Councilman Maynard let go from legal day job

Monday, June 15, 2009 at 12:00am
Metro Council's Jerry Maynard

At-large Councilman Jerry Maynard had his consulting contract terminated by Matthew Walker Comprehensive Health Center, The City Paper learned last week.

Maynard, an attorney, said he worked as “general counsel” for Matthew Walker. However, Jeff McKissack, the CEO for the nonprofit health center, said that was never the case.

“He was a consultant,” McKissack said. “But we don’t have a general counsel. We do have needs some time that require consulting work and he’s provided that in past.”

Maynard’s contract was terminated following a column that ran in The Tennessean two weeks ago that pointed out Maynard’s law license has been under administrative suspension by the state board of professional responsibility since 2006. Attorneys are required to pay dues and take 18 hours of Continued Legal Education (CLE) classes annually.

“Of course it changes where he falls on the list,” McKissack said, pointing out Matthew Walker uses attorneys from major Nashville firms. “When it comes to legal opinions, we’re going to use licensed attorneys.”

Maynard said his license was suspended because he has been so busy with politics since 2006. Maynard was in charge of outreach for Harold Ford, Jr.’s unsuccessful 2006 Senate campaign. He followed that up by successfully running for Metro Council in 2007.

“Every month there are hundreds of lawyers who are temporarily suspended for the very same technicality,” said Maynard, adding he was working to make up for his missed CLE work. “This is not something where I was engaged in an egregious act, it was a technicality.”

Maynard said he was “looking for other opportunities outside of practicing law” and added that he held no ill feelings toward Matthew Walker Comprehensive Health Center.

“I appreciate everything they do,” Maynard said. “I served there for 10 years and I appreciate their services they offer providing medical care and dental care to people in need. I accepted that decision, I didn’t fight it.”

The councilman said he wouldn’t speculate how word got out that his license was under administrative suspension, but guessed there were “people around town who would be happy to learn my contract was terminated.”

“This is not going to deter my resolve,” he said. “I’m only going to work harder and fight more for all the communities of Nashville, not just a privileged few special interest groups.”

Maynard continues to serve as senior pastor at Southside Community Church.


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By: idgaf on 6/15/09 at 2:46

They love guys like this and barry but shun Condi Rices and Clarence Thomas'

"They " refers to the democraps not blacks.

By: Kosh III on 6/15/09 at 7:33

Condi Rice. Warmonger, war criminal.

By: frankbrown on 6/15/09 at 8:27

I think having Jerry Maynard as a consultant would be a potential liability. (At least it would for me)

By: BlueInTn on 6/15/09 at 1:38

What a joke.

By: millenboy on 6/15/09 at 2:24

Kosh III ; Condi Rice. Warmonger, war criminal.

Do the left wing extremist consider all of us who worked at DoD, State Dept., Justice Dept. during the Bush administration war criminals? Or is it just certain names that are red flags for you guys? To use the term war criminal so casually makes the term meaningless.

Joesph Stalin was a war crminal. So was the German guy.

By: sidneyames on 6/16/09 at 7:20

I agree with you millenboy; and letting your law license expire is a bit of mis-management and outright irresponsible. Maybe he should apply to work for O-man. The current administration loves to give mis-speaks, mistakes and other blatent liars a chance to run the country.

By: girliegirl on 6/16/09 at 8:42

Oh Sid, seriously, I know engineers/architects/lawyers who accidentally lapse on their continuing education requirements all the time. And you should see the list of classes that constitute "cont ed"... OMG, I swear I thought I saw Basket Weaving 101 on the list!!! LOL

By: girliegirl on 6/16/09 at 9:15

Jerry is a good man, and those are hard to come by these days. I'm sorry he was let go, but I have faith things will work out for him.

By: govskeptic on 6/16/09 at 1:02

How many jobs does this Social worker/lawyer/politician/Pastor need? No wonder he got behind on continuing education requirements, maybe there should be educational credit for attempting to keep the money losing General Hospital in operation by the Metro Council/taxpayers.

By: sidneyames on 6/16/09 at 1:49

Yeah GG, I might be a little overboard in my thinking. BUT what's the purpose of licenses, if they get to "expire" and we still get to work? OMG! That's right. Illegals don't even have to get a driver's license so maybe licensure is a slick way for the gov to make money. Better than higher taxes, but higher taxes are just around the bend. Oh well. None of this makes sense, especially when there's a tornado on the horizon. Signing off!