Councilman to scrap plans for waste transfer facility

Monday, July 18, 2011 at 12:20pm

With the Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority expressing concerns over a proposed waste transfer station, Metro Councilman Buddy Baker told The City Paper Monday afternoon he has decided to disapprove a resolution that would accommodate the move.

The bill goes before the council at Tuesday’s meeting, at which Baker plans to make a motion for disapproval. If re-elected, Baker said he wouldn’t sponsor the resolution during his next council term.

Metro Council attorney Jon Cooper has informed Baker his resolution regarding a proposed waste transfer station, because of council procedure, would become law after 60 days if the councilman had opted to withdraw it instead of disapproving it.

The resolution, sponsored by the West Nashville District 20 councilman, would have allowed Waste Industries to construct a fully enclosed waste transfer facility in an industrial area on Centennial Boulevard. Baker had earlier described the plans as a recycling facility. 

But given the property’s proximity to John C. Tune Airport, the airport authority delivered a letter to Baker Friday that detailed “serious concerns” about the proposal.

Included in the letter were 16 requirements that the authority asked Waste Industries to address — from assurance that waste would be covered at all times, to requiring the area to be fenced.

But instead of following the list, Baker said the bill is going to be scrapped altogether.

Several of Baker’s constituents, including residents of The Nations neighborhood, derided the plan as bringing an unwanted waste facility into the area.

Among those who opposed the move were Mary Carolyn Roberts, one of Baker’s two Election Day challengers. J. Gower Mills is also running for the District 20 seat.


This story has been updated.

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By: trueRules on 7/18/11 at 1:39


By: bfra on 7/18/11 at 2:21

“I’m withdrawing it,” Baker said. “After conferring with several of my constituents out here, and also with the airport authority, I felt it best to instead of deferring it, withdraw it.”

WHAAAAAAAAT!!! A councilman that actually trys to represent his constituents, as they are supposed to. Unheard of! You people in his district better keep him, he is a rarity.

By: Gower Mills on 7/18/11 at 5:07

bfra, here is the thing. He tried to get another waste transfer plant put in his district during his current term due to a campaign cantribution. It was finally withdrawn on 3rd reading. So don't need a councilman who goes behind people's back and also loves to yell at the constituents.

Gower Mills

By: nash615 on 7/19/11 at 5:23

There was a lot of work behind the scenes to get Buddy to agree to withdraw this bill. The Airport Authority's opposition was a big factor, and there was a strong turnout from residents of District 20.

Not only that, but it's more complicated than it appears. After the story went to press, with Buddy agreeing to withdraw the bill, consultation with Jon Cooper turned up that a withdrawal of the bill would not stop the 60-day clock from ticking to bring the application to the BZA anyway.

I've been a strong critic of Buddy but in this case he stepped up -- he agreed to actually bring the bill to a vote so that it can be disapproved and the application process can be stopped. I give him a lot of credit for standing up and doing the right thing.

I'm not sure how this bad idea got started but at least it appears it will have a happy ending.

By: lava415 on 7/19/11 at 6:39

Buddy did the right thing AFTER we caught him trying to sneak another thing by us!

By: haveasay on 7/19/11 at 11:25

So now we can all see that Baker is not so hard-headed that he can not change his mind. How many of us have at some time in our life made a decision and were so stubborn we refused to make it right even when we saw that it was not a good thing to do. Way to go Mr. Baker showing that you ARE listening to the people and are not afraid to change your mind. You are right to withdraw it, Thank you for doing all you can to represent the whole district including but not limited to the Nations.