Cut skipjacks for catfish

Monday, March 19, 2001 at 1:00am

I knew the moment I stepped out of Donnie Hall's pickup truck that I was going to need that insulated jumpsuit I had left behind in my vehicle.

When I left Nashville the temperature seemed fairly comfortable, but on the shoreline of Kentucky Lake about 100 miles west the temperature was much colder.

Bob Latendresse of Camden, a fishing guide and friend of Donnie and me, was waiting in his truck as we entered the New Johnsonville launch ramp area.

The first words from Bob's mouth were, "I didn't wear enough clothes this morning. I didn't realize it was this cold when I left home," he said.

Looked like Bob and I were going to shiver all the way to Donnie's first fishing hole. I was praying for the sun to pop through and warm things up a little.

With the boat launched and loaded, we eased slowly out to the main river channel of the Tennessee River. Bob and I both felt the cold much more as Donnie pushed the engine throttle forward the boat planed off. Boy! Was that wind cold.

Our first fishing area was about a mile or two from the landing. First thing I grabbed when we stopped was the thermos bottle for some hot coffee.

At that time Donnie opened his bait chest. I almost lost my breakfast as he reached in and snatched several large skipjack, which we used as bait.

Skipjack, especially after they

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