DA asked to review councilman's campaign finance statements

Monday, June 13, 2011 at 5:48pm

A complaint filed Friday with the District Attorney’s Office says that a complete review of Metro Councilman Bo Mitchell’s campaign finance statements “might be in order” after his campaign treasurer allegedly illegally signed as a witness on various financial disclosures.

The complaint, filed by Alice Gadler, cites state law that mandates, “The treasurer shall not be authorized to sign as a witness.” But Mitchell’s treasurer, Chastity Mitchell, who is also his wife, signed as a witness on several of the Bellevue-area councilman’s financial disclosure statements, as the complaint points out.   

Susan Niland, District Attorney Torry Johnson’s spokeswoman, confirmed the office had received the complaint. She said an attorney has been tasked with reviewing it.

Mitchell, facing a re-election challenge from former Metro Planning Department commissioner Tonya Jones, chalked the mistake up as a “clerical error.” The election is Aug. 4.

Mitchell said he was alerted to the financial-disclosure error on Saturday. He said he arrived at the Davidson County Election Commission office at 8:20 a.m. Monday and corrected the mistake.

"They’ve got the new documents, and it’s fixed.” Mitchell said. “I apologize for the error.”  

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By: FLeFew on 6/14/11 at 7:45

Mr. Garrison, did this lady simply "stumble" over this information, or, is it a back door attempt by Bo Mitchell's opponent to conduct some negative campaigning without actually getting caught doing it. Your story gives no details.

By: girliegirl on 6/14/11 at 9:24

Mitchell may've been instrumental in Tonya's demise, or so the rumor mill has it....and hey, there aren't ENOUGH women in office in the one horse town these days. (karma)

By: SirKnight on 6/14/11 at 10:37

How can anyone construe this as 'negative campaigning'? Rules are rules, no matter who turns up the violation. If a violation is uncovered, then it should be dealt with. No one is looking for punishment here, just some honesty.

It amazes me how when someone does wrong, supporters of the wrongdoer always attack the messenger (or in this case the opponent) and call them names or make false accusations.

By: tliebergen on 6/14/11 at 10:41

Can someone clarify how reporting Mitchell's lack of adherence to the law is "negative campaigning?"

It's important for voters to know whether any candidate breaks laws. It's important for the accused to be able to reasonably respond that s/he was unaware of the law. It's important for voters to make their own decisions about what to do with all of that information.

By: silverhaired on 6/14/11 at 11:39

The article fails to mention if the complaint alleges any error or omission in the content of Mitchell's financial disclosure statement.

This would be a more newsworthy story if Alice Gadler's complaint is that Mitchell's filing contains material errors/omissions and was improperly signed. However, it's not much of a story if the complaint only points out a technical error that Mitchell quickly corrected.

I am impressed that Gadler took the time to review Mitchell's financial disclosure statements and discover the witness signature error. Not many people are both familiar with the campaign finance reporting laws and willing to take the time to review each filed statement. Wonder how many other candidates' statements she is reviewing?

By: govskeptic on 6/14/11 at 11:50

These papers are being examined by experts on political campaign laws
on those council members that don't always follow the administration's
instructions. It would not surprise me that this "error" was pointed out to
the complaint versus her finding it herself! It's a tough game out there,
which is why many decent people decline to run for public office, and who
can blame them!

By: girliegirl on 6/14/11 at 12:43


By: karlwithak on 6/14/11 at 12:56

Another one of Dean's followers caught red handed for an ethical violation.

Mitchell does what he thinks will get him a job with dean later, not what his constituents actually want.

By: tnac on 6/14/11 at 1:35

Rules are rules and a competent elected official should know the rules that's their duty to the public. I am just wondering what other rules has Bo Mitchell not understood or just ignored and is he going to correct them as they are revealed. My vote goes to the candidate that has integrity and honesty, little by little I am finding out that Bo Mitchell does not have these qualities.

By: TNProud on 6/14/11 at 3:58

The code states that he could pay a fine up to $10K for his error. Bo Mitchell claims to be a political consultant, but this is a huge error. I would hate to have him run my campaign and have a mess up like this on his record.

By: shorter_and_shorter on 6/14/11 at 8:44

yes, this is really the best our campaign could come up with on cm mitchell. it's pretty boring technical stuff that doesnt really matter, but its either that or admit we got nothing on him

By: FLeFew on 6/15/11 at 9:52

Isn't Bellevue lucky!!!
(1) On the one hand we have a candidate that cannot follow simple instructions.
(2) On the other hand we have a candidate that attributes a famous quote from one of Jesus' parables and calls it "anonymous"!!! (Matthew 7:28) (See her bio on her facebook pages)
Perhaps she just doesn't want her religion known.

By: TNProud on 6/15/11 at 3:45

Aren't these readers so lucky, we have a candidate that cannot follow simple instructions a candidate who attributes a famous quote wrongly and finally a commenter who thinks they know the bible, but it's actually Matthew 7:24