'Dateline' to air Kelley Cannon murder special tonight

Monday, August 16, 2010 at 4:55pm
Staff reports

Kelley Cannon, serving a prison sentence for strangling to death her estranged husband James Cannon, is scheduled to be the feature of Dateline tonight.

The television news magazine is set to air its version of the Cannon murder at 9 p.m. The story of James Cannon’s murder at the Bowling Avenue home he once shared with his wife and three children was also the subject of a 20/20 feature on July 30.

Dateline originally planned to air its program on Aug. 2 but rescheduled it for tonight.

A jury convicted Kelley Cannon, 43, on first-degree murder charges in late April. Police arrested her two weeks after a housekeeper found her husband’s body shoved into a bedroom closet in June 2008.

After the trial, Assistant District Attorney Katy Miller, who was interviewed for both TV programs, said DNA evidence proved to tough for Cannon’s defense to overcome.

Some of James Cannon’s blood was found on the outside of latex glove, while his wife’s DNA was found on the inside tip of the glove.

Aside from being a lawyer, James Cannon was a partner in Franklin’s Medical Reimbursements of America.

The program airs locally on WSMV-Channel 4. 

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