Davidson County to get 20 new tornado sirens, new warning sound

Wednesday, February 27, 2013 at 6:00pm

Metro officials announced Wednesday the expansion and revamping of the city’s tornado siren system, which they said would add 20 new sirens and change the sound of all sirens to the easier to detect air-raid siren sound.

Currently there are 73 sirens spread across Davidson County. That number would increase to 93 and a mechanically generated tone would replace the current electronic tone.

According to the Metro Office of Emergency Management, the 20 new sirens are expected to be installed by March 7, and the upgrade to the existing system is estimated to be completed by the end of April.

A list of the locations for the new and existing sites can be found here.

In 2002, Metro received federal grant funds to build the current siren warning system based on locations determined through 2000 Census data and outdoor population expectations. The expansion of the system will use the same methodology but with the latest 2010 Census data used to recommend new locations.

The system is meant to provide emergency weather alerts to those outdoors when a tornado warning is issued for Davidson County by the National Weather Service. Sirens sound for three minutes straight every 10 minutes while the warning is in effect.

The estimated cost of the system expansion and upgrade is $2 million, funded by a capital bond program proposed by Mayor Karl Dean and approved by the Metro Council last year.

4 Comments on this post:

By: NewYorker1 on 2/28/13 at 9:48

A waste of our money. I just mailed a check to Metro for my property taxes last week, which was over ten thousand bucks and this is what my money is wasted on?

By: PKVol on 3/1/13 at 10:29

If you are the one who is saved from a falling tree because you had sufficient warning, you wouldn't think this was a waste of tax dollars.

By: courier37027 on 3/2/13 at 3:41

Trees were removed from my yard. Can I have some of my wasted property tax dollars returned? I suppose not, because some people--despite warnings and advisories--will stay home, get injured and expect taxpayers to foot their hospital bills.

By: thinking12 on 4/22/13 at 7:53

Why were the contractors installing these in this area from out of state?