Davis topples Murray in Metro Council run-off; Banks, Duvall, Stites, Westerholm also win

Thursday, September 15, 2011 at 10:10pm

The Metro Council’s 40-member roster is set after five previously undecided district races produced winners Thursday night in runoff elections that drew sparse overall turnout.

Outcomes yielded no upsets.

Headlining Thursday’s results, Scott Davis trounced former councilwoman — and lightning-rod-of-a-figure — Pam Murray in the contentious East Nashville District 5 race, finishing with more than twice as many votes. Murray, ousted from office two years ago through a recall, was seeking to reclaim her seat held by outgoing Councilman Jamie Hollin.

Davis bested Murray by an 805-329 margin, capping a race that saw volunteers from competing teams butt heads at poll locations during the earlier August election. Tension heightened in recent weeks when one of Murray’s nephews turned himself into police for physically assaulting another during a campaign yard sign altercation.

“District 5’s campaign — not my campaign,” Davis called the win. “Me and my neighbors worked hard night and day. We knew we had to win by significant numbers.

“We are a district united,” he said.

Other winners were Brady Banks over Dave Patterson in District 4; Peter Westerholm over Dave Rich in District 6; Josh Stites over Marilyn Robinson in District 13; and incumbent Councilman Robert Duvall over Page Turner in District 33.

The first council meeting featuring newly elected members is scheduled for Oct. 4. Thursday’s runoff elections featured the top two finishers of races that failed to produce winners with more than 50 percent of the votes last month.

In the race that garnered the greatest turnout among the five runoffs, Westerholm won convincingly over Rich, who led an aggressive campaign, but came up well short in the end. Westerholm won the East Nashville seat with 1,092 votes compared to 721 for Rich. 

Duvall, the only incumbent council member forced to the runoff, looked in jeopardy of losing his Antioch-area seat when early vote totals showed him trailing by 10 votes. But, he ultimately defeated Page Turner — backed by Mayor Karl Dean — by a 663-516 margin.

“I knew then that it was definitely going to be a tight race,” Duvall said. “I won because of the tremendous amount of people who helped me. It was their victory, not mine.”

In the other two races, Banks, a former aide to the mayor, emerged victorious over Patterson, 649 votes to 451.

Stites, finishing with 617 votes, beat former NAACP president Marilyn Robinson, who collected 405 votes.

All Thursday winners were first-place finishers in the August general election.

The night proved fairly positive for conservatives, who kept Duvall on the council and elected Stites over the Democrat-supported Robinson.  

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By: breathofdeath on 9/15/11 at 9:39

Seeing Murray get trounced reminds me of a certain song from The Wizard of Oz: "Ding Dong the Witch is dead".

By: WeekendLawnCareGuy on 9/15/11 at 11:34

District 6 in East Nashville was clearly the outlier in terms of voter participation. It was not even close how active the community was as compared to any other council district run-off. Congratulations to both candidates who ran races that turned out voters.

Both candidates should be so proud, especially the winner, Peter Westerholm, who gathered so much trust in the community as registered by the vote totals.

By: sidneyames on 9/16/11 at 6:34

Thank you Antioch and District 33 for recognizing that we need an experienced councilman who will not cowtow to the Mayor's whims. He has our district's best interest at heart. We are proud of Mr. Duvall and know he will continue the previous tradition of "listening to his constitutents" which was implemented by former councilman Sam Coleman. Thank goodness we don't have to put up with emotions and flutter for the next 4 years. We now have a solid people-oriented and business-minded leader at the wheel.

By: global_citizen on 9/16/11 at 6:47

No surprises here, except maybe that Murray actually managed to garner over 300 votes. Good riddance Pam. Maybe now you can move to Detroit full time and let Nashville enjoy your absence from this city.

Congrats to Pete Westerholm and Brady Banks, two guys I have worked with and had my enthusiastic support. Both have had their eye on the Metro Council for a while and have finally been recognized by their constituents as the ones best suited to serve. Both will be excellent additions to the Council.

By: mom of 5 on 9/16/11 at 7:15

global_citizen, I totally agree with you in regards to Murray, but one thing should have been added " take her family with her" !!!

A big congratulations to all who helped Mr. Davis, and more so the Mr. Davis !!! This district will no doubt be in much better shape.

Although now we need to work on investigating if any criminal actions should be taken against her and Sai Wentum, being that the Health Related Board snatched his medical license and the allegations of his purchasing a medical degree at a diploma mill!! We cannot forget those patients that were jeopardized by Murray and her what appears to be " fraudulent doctor" !!

By: Nitzche on 9/16/11 at 7:59

district 6 will be even prouder when they can vote in the congressional district with franklin.........Jim we hardly knew ya!

By: richgoose on 9/16/11 at 10:39

Not many good things happen to productive Americans these days. It is all about the underclass. Defeating Pam Murray was one of good things that have happened to productive Americans

By: rbull on 9/16/11 at 11:08

Thank goodness Nashvillians will not have to look at or put up with Pam Murray and maybe she can take her entire family and move to Detroit on a full time basis. Her type behavior and her family would fit in better in Detroit with their "thug" like behavior. She did nothing for Nashville or Davidson County but cause trouble and did nothing to represent her District while in office. Thank You LORD for getting her out of the Council.