Dean files $110M mid-year capital spending plan

Friday, January 4, 2013 at 1:33pm

Mayor Karl Dean has submitted a mid-year capital spending plan including $110 million in proposed spending, his office announced Friday.

A majority of the funds in the plan will go to the city’s stormwater program and the new Lentz Public Health Center, the mayor’s office said. The plan also includes funding for improvements to the Bridgestone Arena, and a new police Central Precinct, which is currently located inside the arena.

“This capital spending plan continues the momentum in our city and invests in essential improvements such as sidewalks and paving,” Dean said, in a release. “The plan also provides funding for our stormwater program and a new public health center, two important projects that have received a large amount of public discussion.”

The mayor’s office said the spending plan will put improvements to the Bridgestone Arena and the new downtown police precinct on track to be ready a few months after the Music City Center opens.

The plan is set to appear before the Metro Council on Jan. 15.

Details on projects included in the spending plan, from the mayor’s office release: 

• Lentz Public Health Center, $28 million: Construction is already underway on the facility at the corner of 26th Avenue North and Charlotte Avenue. Under a public-private partnership, HCA is developing the public health facility to Metro specifications and the city will reimburse HCA for the cost upon completion.

• Stormwater program, $50 million: In 2009, Metro established a new stormwater user fee to install and maintain stormwater infrastructure. This fee will cover the general obligation bonds, with the $50 million allowing projects over the next five years.

• Central Precinct, $4 million: The downtown precinct is currently located inside the Bridgestone Arena. The new location will give the precinct additional space and improved visibility on Korean Veterans Boulevard with the opening of the Music City Center this spring.

• Bridgestone Arena, $7 million: With the upcoming opening of the Music City Center and the availability of 1,800 new parking spaces at the facility, the south entrance of the Arena is expected to see more foot traffic. Exterior improvements will include a new entrance and plaza area. Glass will replace portions of the current concrete structure to make the area more inviting and open. Other exterior improvements would accommodate future street-level restaurant and retail along both Demonbreun Street and Fifth Avenue to create a better connection to Broadway. (Read more here.)

• Public Works, $7.5 million: Funding will address infrastructure needs throughout the city, including $5 million for paving and road projects and $2.5 million for sidewalks. Approval of the funds allows for work to take place this spring.

• Parks, $2 million: Funding will go to road and greenway paving at various Metro parks this spring.

• Open Space and riverfront redevelopment, $5 million: Funding will help replenish the Open Space fund and continue progress around the riverfront.

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By: Ask01 on 1/5/13 at 10:10

I must wonder how much of this will be made possible by the property tax increase foisted upon a dissenting electorate through a spineless sock puppet Metro Council?

If we needed the increase just to pay for Mayor Dean's other extravagances and puported increased costs, where do we get the extra money for this projects.

I have a suggestion probably bordering on heresy for the Deanophiles, but not one more penny for downtown until all of Metro Davidson County has sidewalks, streetlights, and traffic signals.

I'm sure Mayor Dean has forgotten he is Mayor of Metro Nashville and Dividson County. He is responsible (snicker) for seeing to the upkeep of the entire county, not just downtown since the merger of the two governments into one central government.

Or perhaps not as it seems to me he just figures he has a greater pool of suckers to fleece for his downtown projects.

By: OhhPossum on 1/5/13 at 10:40

Well written Ask01. Seven mill to invigorate a back door.

By: Shane Smiley on 1/5/13 at 11:49

Let me get this straight.
The citizens of Davidson county are hit with a property tax increase,
The Preds do not play, do not bring in any money to the city, and still get 8.6 Million in tax payer welfare.
Now, Dean and Riebeling want to give them another 7 Million to facelift the property.
Why not make the Preds organization use 7 Million of the money they already received this year and did little with to do the face lift?
They did not produce the events promised this hockey season, and offered no economic impact from the Preds this Hockey season while the tax payers were still on the hook.
Make the preds pay the 7 Million as a fine for not producing!
Put 7 Million back into the Fairgrounds account taken from them to start up the Titans and Preds in Nashville.

By: Left-of-Local on 1/7/13 at 6:56

Well, Ask, if the rest of the county would bother to work with the core of the city on things such as connectivity, transit, and even development maybe there would be more concern for such. So far, the brilliant minds on the outskirts have only managed to oppose anything useful that might be done in partnership. You're totally right about the sidewalks and such. But perhaps you need to expend energy pushing your councilperson, or running yourself. I helped run mine out of office and my area is seeing much improvement. Further south, an actual head for civic development and planning is in office, newly. Stop bitching and start the revolution, as they say...

Possum, I wish I could live with the simplicity of world view that buildings only have a front. It must be nice on your island of thought, free of it's pesky geometry.

Shane, so far you're blaming Dean and his supporters (like me) for people buying homes greedily beyond their means, NHL B.S. (which is over now), credited the facelift only to one of the VAST MANY things that happen in the building, etc.

Let's accept the pathetic blight of the fairgrounds for what it is, let it go, and do some of that investing into "non-downtown" like you seem to want. Stop trying to have it both ways by only having it your way.