Decommissioned Metro officer facing domestic assault charge resigns

Wednesday, August 22, 2012 at 5:43pm
Staff reports
0822 Albert Ridgeway mug.jpg
Mt. Juliet police arrested Albert Ridgeway on Aug. 12.

A decommissioned Metro police officer facing a domestic assault charge from his arrest earlier this month admitted to conduct unbecoming of an office and submitted his resignation, according to police.

Albert Ridgeway, 36, allegedly pushed his girlfriend down several times during an argument at the Mt. Juliet home where the couple lived. Mt. Juliet police arrested him on Aug. 12.

Ridgeway’s resignation from the Metro Nashville Police Department is set to go into effect after he serves a 30-day unpaid suspension based on an agreement with the department stating he would submit an irrevocable letter of resignation.

Ridgeway worked for the MNPD for six years and was last assigned to the Central Precinct.

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By: Left-of-Local on 8/23/12 at 8:11

A- He should have to live in Davidson County. Hope that law moves forward.

B- Yet another crooked cop. Only about 10% of cops are truly good to the core. More proof.

By: sonny1024 on 8/23/12 at 8:28

I am surprised he was arrested for anything usually they cover up for each other.but cops do a lot of crooked things that if we did it we would be in jail.BUT i look at it this way I would rather people to no that i am a man a poor man then people to look at me as a coward hiding behind a badge.just my opinion P.S.BRING ON THE INSULTS

By: WhatAJoke2012 on 8/23/12 at 9:33

I dated this guy for a bit......What a Joke is about all I can say.....He was nothing but a LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel sorry for this girl, lets just hope she leaves him.

By: karma-is-a-bitch on 8/23/12 at 11:41

Well, in terms of a 'cover up' that usually happens... you see, he's the kind of cops that even the other cops think he's a jerk! The little slimy weasel tried to abuse his power on me one night, but it didn't work so well for him. I asked around about the little toad, and after what I heard about him, I figured he'd dig his own grave. Well, at last, that day has come. I didn't have to do a thing; he did it all himself.

Karma is a bitch, and then she has puppies.

To the victim of the abuse: run, run fast, run far, run away.

By: WhatAJoke2012 on 8/23/12 at 2:11

Then i find out from a different newspaper he has a child with her which meant he was with both of us at the same time...he is quite a slimy weasel!!!! I still can't get over that they BOTH lived in his parents house....he's 36!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By: Rasputin72 on 8/23/12 at 5:38

For every piece of crap cop that is "found out" four more lurk behind their badge. Each a coward without their badge.

By: Ask01 on 8/24/12 at 4:14

For those who have rejected the notion of infallibility, honesty, and total trustworthiness some have assigned to law enforcement and our judicial system, let my recommend a website dedicated to showcasing the darker, sleazier, less savory side. is a repository for the stories police supporters wish to cover up.

Beyond following regularly this worhtwhile site, I also recommend reading the book "Breaking Rank" written by Norm Stamper, a retired Chief of Police, no less, who outlines the slimy underside of law enforcement.

This book details how police are allowed to lie to suspects, employing what would be considered underhanded tactics to manipulate a confession. One chapter deals with how police are drilled to deliver testimony, to the point of lying on the stand, secure in the knowledge they enjoy an unearned trust by the court and many citizens.

There are some other eye opening passages which, in the end, fully expose the corruption of the law enforcement establishment and is, I think, a must read for all citizens.

Just consider, if you will, how many more are out there, armed, and protected by their peers and the system.

The concept should frighten everyone beyond belief.

By: karma-is-a-bitch on 8/24/12 at 3:49

Yeah, I saw that he lived at his parents. Kinda pitiful. Sorry you got hooked up with him, WhatAJoke2012. And, yeah, poor lady has a child by him. Poor lady, poor child.... forever linked to the toad. Does anyone know when his court date is?