Duvall wants to send $1M in flood money to fairgrounds

Monday, July 15, 2013 at 3:42pm

Metro Councilman Robert Duvall has filed an amendment that would send $1 million to the Tennessee State Fairgrounds, to repair damage sustained in the 2010 flood.

The proposal comes one week after the Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency approved a plan to reallocate more than $7 million in federal flood relief money to riverfront development, which officials have said would focus on flood mitigation. The Council is scheduled to vote on the plan at its meeting Tuesday night.

Duvall’s proposal would amend that plan to redirect a million of those dollars to the fairgrounds, leaving just more than $6 million for work on the west bank of the Cumberland River and about $1.3 million for the construction of a new affordable housing development on Jefferson Street.

“I want the fairgrounds to share in that money if we’re going to be able to release it for other uses, other than what it was originally earmarked,” Duvall told The City Paper.

The amendment will be put before council committees Monday afternoon. Duvall said he has not spoken with Mayor Karl Dean’s administration about the proposal.

The filed amendment states that the fairgrounds “sustained significant damage” during the flood, “including the destruction of fencing, damage to the plumbing and sewer system, damage to the RV hookups and electrical system, office damage, and damage to the driveway and parking areas.”

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By: pswindle on 7/15/13 at 2:25

Good, fight for it. That would be one way to freshen up the Fairgrounds. It is their money anyway.

By: fair_minded on 7/15/13 at 11:06

Way to go Duval! It's good to see an elected official stand up for the will of his constituents for a change! And while you're at it, try to influence the Fair Board to fire Buck Dozier who failed to file for the funds with FEMA on the assumption that he could close the Fairgrounds down and thus not need the funds. Dozier seems to perceive his job as helping the mayor to engineer a failure at the Fairgrounds and should be replaced with someone who will actually be dedicated to the Fairgrounds, and not the mayor.

By: Trumpet on 7/16/13 at 3:41

Joe/The Collection:

I am forced to admit, this seems to be a Fair request. Duval has seized the moment. But, what about Jefferson Street(7m) ? I get his point. I wonder does he
get my point(s). Uhmmm..."What would Mansfield do ?"

Keep The Faith!

By: Rocket99 on 7/16/13 at 6:47

Isn't this like throwing the baby out with the bath water? Why put $1 million into something that's going away? The money would be better spent in his district than in that dying hole.

By: airvols on 7/16/13 at 7:00

Here we go, throwing good money at a project that the bulldozer is about to flatten. Lets just all face facts the fairgrounds are old, past current use for the area and should be leveled. The majority of the supporters are not even from Davidson County, and the land is more valuable for other projects. The flee market should be saved and the race track moved to Nashville Super Speedway, that's what it's designed for, with great facilities. Move the flee market to Bellview mall or Hickory Hollow. Sorry just the facts, change is your fried, embrace it!

By: bfra on 7/16/13 at 8:08

Let's just put the money where it was intended to go! Karl is rerouting money again, like it is his own personal income. How much are you sconding for that baseball field YOU want Karl? Doesn't matter what the taxpayers want!

By: C.A.Jones on 7/16/13 at 9:08

Put the money into the Fairground and the bulldozers can back up. Hipsters for Fairgrounds!!!!!!!!!!!!

By: jonw on 7/16/13 at 10:41

Airvols: You assume the bulldozers are going to do what Buck Dozier has been unable to do so far- - - flatten the fair grounds. Get a REAL fair manager to manage the fair & not a washed up politican.

By: bfra on 7/16/13 at 1:18

The super speedway is too far out of Nashville & should never have been named the Nashville Speedway to start with. The Nashville Speedway is at the Fairgrounds. The money in question is for repairs caused by the flood. The Fairgrounds has major repairs needed caused by the flood. Who is Karl Dean to say we are going to use Flood money for what HE wants instead of Flood repairs? A mayor is not a King, as he imagines himself!

By: racergirl1166 on 7/17/13 at 1:25

MDHA said it was for flood relief, the fairgrounds was flooded. Regardless of the fate of the fairgrounds, monies should go to where they were intended to go, flood mitigation, not development of housing OR development of a river bank in which they will claim flood mitigation.

The Fairgrounds should get this money, regardless of its fate. If you were looking at a piece of property to move your business to, and the property is sub-par, and you knew that it has been neglected and was deemed to receive money to at least make it par, how would you view this? The Fairgrounds today is still in use. There is absolutely nothing wrong with funding the property to at least make it better until a decision is made by the council. Just an FYI - Saturday night 11,000+ people visited the fairgrounds for a family event night of racing. Did Riverfront park, Symphony Hall, or for that matter, Centennial Park have that many people visit at once, or for that matter, during the month or year????

Another FYI, the council overwhelmingly killed Councilman Duvall's amendment. SHAME on them for not listening to their constituents! Election time is around the corner, and I hope the citizens of their district sends a strong message to those who want to be re-elected and voted against their wishes!