East Nashville runoff elections lead in early voting turnout

Friday, September 2, 2011 at 1:44pm

East Nashville’s Metro Council Districts 5 and 6 — both generating considerable chatter — are not surprisingly leading the way in what has been extremely low early voting turnout for the city’s runoff elections. 

The District 6 race between Dave Rich and Peter Westerholm has produced the highest turnout during the first six days of early voting with a total of 250 citizens casting votes. 

In all, 866 voters have collectively taken part in Metro’s five council runoffs. 

Second in turnout is the contentious District 5 race between Scott Davis and former Councilwoman Pam Murray, with 219 voters taking part in the race to fill outgoing Councilman Jamie Hollin’s seat. 

The council’s District 4 race between Brady Banks and David Patterson has attracted 100 voters. 

The race featuring the only incumbent — District 33 — has a turnout of 97 voters so far. Councilman Robert Duvall is trying to fend off challenger Page Turner. 

Last in turnout is the District 13 race between Marilyn Robinson and Josh Stites. Eighty-four people have voted. 

Early voting runs through Sept. 10. Election Day is Thursday, Sept. 15.  

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By: tennesseeshadow on 9/2/11 at 12:20

Any registered voter in Nashville can vote in these races through a little know loophole. Just change your address of registration to one of the districts in the runoff. You can always change your address back for the next election. The Election Commission does not require proof of a change of address. This should not be legal, but it is. Basically, you can vote in two different council districts...the one you voted in for the August general election and then a new one for the runoff, even if the one you voted in for August is not in the runoff. This issue needs more attention from the media, but they seem to be missing it.

By: titansjoe on 9/2/11 at 1:06

Pretty sad that there is so little interest. People beat their chest and proclaim how we are a free nation yet they may as well have a dictatorship since they don't take advantage of their right to vote and help shape our nation and local governments. Then the non voters seem to cry the loudest when our leadership disappoints us time after time.

So so sad.

By: not_guilty on 9/6/11 at 8:46

The information provided above by tennesseeshadow is incorrect, at least as to the legality of a voter's changing his address to a district or precinct in which he does not reside. Tennessee Code Annotated § 2-19-107 declares that a person commits a Class D felony who, intentionally and knowing that such person is not entitled to, registers or votes in any manner or attempts to register or vote in any manner where or when such person is not entitled to under Title 2 of the Code.

Tenn. Code Ann. § 2-7-115(a) requires that a voter may vote only in the precinct where the voter resides and is registered, with an exception for someone who has changed residence within Tennessee from one county to another within 90 days before an election. In that case the voter may vote at his old polling place.

The penalty for a Class D felony is 2 to 12 years confinement and a fine of up to $5,000.

By: PKVol on 9/6/11 at 11:08

250 + 219 + 100+ 97 + 84 = 750

Five races with the number of votes noted above, yet the story says 866 voters have voted in the 5 district run-off races.

Is my math off, or does something not seem right?

By: News4free on 9/6/11 at 12:04

The low turnout is in part due to only one early voting location for the entire county. And it may be the fiscally prudent decision, but it surely reduces the early voting convenience for most people. Howard School Bldg is quite a distance for the rest of us who do not live or work close to downtown.
PKVol - Your math is right on - so unless 116 showed up and didn't select a candidate, the numbers in the article do not add up.

By: klskelley on 9/6/11 at 12:40

Somebody at the city paper should remove the first post immediately! It is against the law to publicly ask for people to break the law. Yes, that is some good ole Tennessee Mathmetics!