Elliston Place gets replacement sidewalks

Monday, June 27, 2011 at 7:18pm

A key segment of Elliston Place — one of Midtown’s most popular and pedestrian-heavy nodes — is getting replacement sidewalks.

Work is underway on the Elliston Place stretch spanning 21st Avenue North on the east to Louise Avenue on the west. The segment — home to live music venues and hangouts The End, The Gold Rush and Exit/In, among other non-mainstream establishments — is often called The Rock Block.

Gwen Hopkins-Glascock, Metro Public Works Department spokeswoman, said the project involves the repair of approximately 1,500 linear feet of existing sidewalk on both sides of Elliston Place. The price tag is $130,000.

“It was identified in the Strategic Sidewalk Plan and a good example of how Public Works is working to help Nashville be a more walkable city,” Hopkins-Glascock said. “It has a number of pedestrian generators in the area, including hospitals, Centennial Park, Vanderbilt University, restaurants and other businesses.”


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By: tomw on 6/28/11 at 5:49

once again downtown gets the cream and the rest of us get a big fat zero. There are so many dangerous unpaved pedestrian heavy streets in Nashville, why should existing sidewalks be replaced before new sidewalks are installed. I guess it will take some more pedestrian injuries or deaths to prioritize this project, and then they will be installed in that one area.

By: tomba1 on 6/28/11 at 9:03

Excuse me Gwen but people are walking on those sidewalks now. So you are tearing up over a quarter of a mile of walkable sidewalks to put in walkable sidewalks and claiming that to be "a good example of how Public Works is working to help Nashville be a more walkable city". Sounds to me like a net-zero gain in walkable sidewalks after spending $130,000. Why not put them where there are none, maybe in areas like neighborhoods where families can enjoy them? Oh, of course, it's because the "Strategic Sidewalk Plan" says so and prefers "pedestrian generators". Is that yet another karl dean study done by some out-of-state "experts"? Wonder how much that one set us back?

By: WickedTribe on 6/28/11 at 9:09

If these businesses are "pedestrian generators", shouldn't you be paving the route TO those businesses so people can walk their from their home or work? Paving only the destination makes no sense to me.