Ex-Titan sues team for $25M over career-ending injury — again

Tuesday, July 3, 2012 at 11:28pm

David L. Givens, the former Tennessee Titans wide receiver who sued the team after a 2006 knee injury ended his career again has filed a $25 million federal lawsuit against the team.

Givens joined the Titans in March 2006, signing a five-year deal worth $24 million. But Givens injured his knee that November, requiring multiple surgeries and preventing him from playing football again. The Titans eventually released him.

Givens is suing the team for $25 million in damages, claiming he has suffered physical and emotional pain, loss of income and loss of enjoyment of life.

The suit (which can be viewed here) claims that an internal team memo showed that the Titans found out about “a large defect” on Givens’ left knee through a team-contracted physician’s examination of him the same month he joined the team.

That memo, according to Givens’ suit, stated that the defect “may require surgery at some point,” but no one from the team told Givens, who sustained the career-ending injury that season.

Robbie Bohren, director of media relations for the Titans, said the team had not yet received the new lawsuit filed on Tuesday and therefore did not yet have a comment on it.

Givens first filed suit in September 2009, but a federal judge dismissed it five months later, stating that Givens must first go through an arbitration process. Givens' most recent filing states that it has been six months since the last arbitration filings and a decision has yet be made in those proceedings.

Givens’ attorney Daniel Warlick had not responded to a message seeking comment as of Tuesday night.


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By: Rasputin72 on 7/4/12 at 7:55

As I remember Givens had all the outcroppings of a punk. Give him $250,000 dollars and call it even.

By: producer2 on 7/4/12 at 9:03

Givens was always a model citizen both here and when he played in New England. Stereotyping is an ugly sport....

By: producer2 on 7/4/12 at 9:03

AND I don't think he should be given the money....

By: Heat Lightnin on 7/4/12 at 9:34

David Givens was a talented player. In one game with the Patriots, he caught a pass for a touchdown, threw for a touchdown, AND ran the ball for a touchdown. I believe he's the only player to ever do that.

By: jonw on 7/4/12 at 10:44


"In Super Bowl XXXIX against the Philadelphia Eagles, Givens mocked the wing-flap celebration of Eagles receiver Terrell Owens after catching a four-yard touchdown from Tom Brady."

Rasputin72: Is that the reason you called him a punk? Maybe a lillle grandstanding, but hardly a punk except to the Eagle fans.

By: Rasputin72 on 7/4/12 at 5:28

Some people are unable and unwilling to see "outcroppings." Some people just overlook "outcroppings" and some people see "outcroppings" that are not there.

By: RTungsten on 7/4/12 at 5:58

The Titans should sue him because he knew about the injury before signing with the team.

By: NewYorker1 on 7/4/12 at 10:44

OMG!!! I hope he wins enough to bankrupt the Titans. I hate the Titans and I'll be so happy when Bud Adams gasp for his last breath of air.

By: 4gold on 7/6/12 at 11:06

Why does he think they get paid astronomical money? It is a dangerous job and its the risk they take. Sh#t Happns. Try car sales. Gotta play to get paid that kind of money.

Go Dores, Preds, Titans! Go Nashville a great place to live!

By: cookeville on 7/7/12 at 9:02

"OMG!!! I hope he wins enough to bankrupt the Titans. I hate the Titans and I'll be so happy when Bud Adams gasp for his last breath of air."

OMG!!! You're a New Yawker, who cares what you think of the Titans?! Plus, hate makes you ugly.