Face of Nashville: 'The City Paper' photo issue

Sunday, July 8, 2012 at 10:05pm
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Since I arrived at The City Paper last fall, I’ve been supremely impressed by the work of Eric England, a longtime SouthComm photographer, and Michael W. Bunch, a newcomer with a history of excellent commercial and documentary work. They’re good people and even better shooters, often spinning mundane assignments into photographic gold.

I wanted to take an issue of the paper and turn it over to them, to see Nashville through their lenses. We started talking about different topics, and having spent 15 years away from my hometown, I kept coming back to how much some things have changed. Nashville is a dynamic city with a rich past. We decided to take topics that the paper devotes a lot of words to — politics, sports, food, the music industry, the changing face of the city — and look at some contrasts in Old and New Nashville in pictures.

I hope you enjoy spending time with the Face of Nashville as much as we did putting it together.



Steve Cavendish



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Richard Fulton

Fabian Bedne


RCA Studio B

Third Man Records


Life & Casualty Tower

Music City Center


Goo Goo Clusters

Olive and Sinclair Chocolate


Clyde Lee

Chris Johnson