Face of Nashville: Life & Casualty Tower

Friday, July 6, 2012 at 5:39pm

Life & Casualty Tower (Michael W. Bunch)


When it opened in 1957, the Life & Casualty Tower was Tennessee’s tallest building. Thrusting skyward 409 feet and with a slender footprint, the high-rise mimicked a rocket of sorts — not surprising given the Space Age essentially was born in ’57 with Sputnik. Edwin Keeble designed the modernist masterpiece, tastefully bathing its exterior in limestone, granite and green glass. But it is the L&C Tower’s cap — which once offered an observation deck — that commands perhaps the most attention to this day. Years ago, in fact, the lettering acted as a weather beacon, its lighting changing movements and colors (pink meant cloudiness) to indicate conditions. Though downtown Nashville now boasts four taller buildings, the L&C remains, for many, the city’s most architecturally significant and iconic skyscraper.

—William Williams


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