Family sues Metro schools after child shocked by pencil sharpener

Sunday, December 20, 2009 at 11:44pm

The legal guardian of a middle school student has filed suit against Metro Nashville Public Schools after the girl was allegedly shocked when she unplugged an electric pencil sharpener.

In the suit filed Dec. 11 in Circuit Court, Quiauna Donaldson and student Quiara Dixon claim Quiara was shocked last December during math class at Rose Park Magnet School.

Quiara was unplugging an electric sharpener from its receptacle to plug in a television in its place when she was electrocuted from the combination of the wall outlet and/or electric pencil sharpener, according to the suit.

Although the suit does not describe how Quiara was hurt in the incident it characterizes as an “electrocution,” the suit says injuries included a fractured left ankle, a head injury and a contusion of the hip, resulting in both emergency and follow-up medical care.

The suit, filed by The Cochran Firm of Memphis, claims Metro schools was negligent in its construction and maintenance of electrical outlets and appliances, placement of electrical outlets and for failing to properly supervise Dixon during class.

The two are seeking $300,000 in compensatory damages, a figure reached after factoring past and future medical expenses, combined with the emotional anguish, physical pain and fright that stemmed from the episode.

Medical expenses resulted in payments of $349 to Baptist Hospital and $440 to Metro Center Health Care Group, according to court documents.

Metro schools did not respond to a request for comment on this suit, which can be viewed by downloading the attachment below.

Dixon_v_MNPS--DCCirCt--11Dec2009.pdf136.3 KB