Fans pay respects at LP Field

Friday, July 10, 2009 at 1:38am

Hearts were heavy at LP Field as mourners gathered Wednesday and Thursday to pay their respects to the life and career of Steve McNair. Blazing heat wasn’t enough to stop those wishing to say goodbye to their hero.

Many visitors were visibly upset. Tears streamed down the cheeks of Joy Lang, 33, who said she had liked McNair “more than the Titans.” She wore a purple Baltimore Ravens jersey with McNair’s name and number, and said she felt a common bond with McNair because both she and he had back problems.

Others like Harold Tigue, 45, drove 80 miles from McMinnville attend the memorial. His lips trembled as he spoke and his hands shook as he tried to steady his video camera. He brought his 6-year-old son, Christian so they could pay their last respects. Tigue said he would remember most that McNair was a "real professional." He, too, cited his own back problems as reason for his admiration.

A huge 8-by-4 collage of photos depicting McNair’s career with the Titans was displayed at the front gates. Gary Glenn, Titans director of Internet operations and publications, said he had designed the poster using pictures from various sources, and that it had taken more than four hours.

The poster was moved to the funeral home and then donated to McNair’s family.

With thousands of fans filing through the gates of LP Field over the two days, the Pro Shop was filled with people buying the remaining McNair merchandise.

Kris Smith, the Pro Shop manager, said that they had sold almost all the remaining McNair jerseys on Wednesday, their entire stock of McNair hats, and some decks of cards.

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By: varmitsitter on 7/13/09 at 8:14

I don't know where he got my age of 33 from, he never asked my age. I'm older than that. It never was about the Oilers, Titans or Ravens for me. It was always about Steve. I have felt a void since he retired (no one to watch on Sundays) but now there is just a black hole. I'm one of the lucky ones that met Steve and talked to him. I will miss him. Thanks! Joy Lang