Fire at ammo shop leaves one dead, closes Nolensville segment

Monday, May 16, 2011 at 6:19pm


One person is dead and a portion of Nolensville Pike remains closed early Monday evening after a fire broke out in a bullet production shop south of Haywood Lane.

The fire started around 3:45 p.m. at 4813 Nolensville Pike Monday near Northcrest Drive. Nolensville Pike between Haywood Lane and Fairlane Drive was shut down because of the amount of fire equipment in the area.

Joaquin Toon, public information officer for the Nashville Fire Department, said the section of road would remain closed at least until 6:45 p.m. or so. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Firefighters pulled the badly burned body of the victim, who was declared dead at the scene, from the basement area of the two-story strip mall, which also houses a dentist’s office, tax preparer’s office and other small offices.

Firefighters reported hearing what sounded like fireworks going off en route to the building that houses Well Done Bullet, an ammunition shop.

Toon said the fire department has not been able to determine whether anyone else was injured in the fire.

The building suffered structural damage to the point where firefighters have been unable to complete their search for other victims.

A fire inspector and the Metro Police Bomb Squad were on the scene, but Toon said the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives would assume the investigation because of the presence of ammunition, which was apparently being reloaded in the basement of the building.


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By: HokeyPokey on 5/17/11 at 5:23

Too bad the shop wasn't stacked and packed with customers at the time.


By: Makiaveli on 5/17/11 at 7:18

@HP Oh I get it. It's ok for you to want me to die a horrible death because I own guns but it's not ok for me to be willing to kill a burglar who breaks into my house and threatens me, my wife, and my young son.

Is that your idea of an enlightened, progressive attitude? Please note that I don't wish for some criminal to break into your house and molest you and yours just because I think you are part of what's wrong with this world. I do wish you would take time to think about the fact that there is more than one side to every situation. I have personally have used a firearm to defend myself and my family against someone attempting to break in and thankfully seeing me with a rifle was enough to send him running. So based on that experience I should destroy my weapons? What I did was buy a pistol (many reasons but safety is paramount) and make sure my son knows that it is not a toy etc. He is 6 and has impressed soldiers with his knowledge of military weapons gleaned from the history channel and is somewhat patiently waiting for the day he is old enough to actually shoot one. That is a day even I don't know the date of. When he is ready not some arbitrary birthday etc.

Ok got longwinded there. I will shut up now.

By: HokeyPokey on 5/17/11 at 7:21

Yes you did but it comes with the territory.


By: GUARDIAN on 5/17/11 at 10:52

GUARDIAN-HPazz Andy Jackson once said "nothing changes an evil man like a pair of dueling pistols" so if they ever make dueling legal again I would like to show you mine at sun up or sun down and you can make the choice if you're not running as fast as you can out of town. Don't complain you are the one that wanted lots of people to die because they are gun owners.

By: Cookie47 on 5/17/11 at 3:40

Makiaveli & Guardian,

I feel like I'm in company with you two as I, too, am a gun owner and an HCP holder. Unfortunately, with the economy and society going to hell in an Obama hand basket, it's become a necessity.

HP is one of those people who hates just to hate. He doesn't understand the ease in which we handle and use guns. He's scared of them. He's probably scared of a lot of things. He probably doesn't have the intestinal fortitude to learn about that which he fears, to move past it, and expand his mind and turn away from his fears. Such is the way of the progressive.

Yes, I've been long winded as well, HP, but at least Makiaveli, Guardian, and myself can come at an argument with something more than lame 1-liners. If you want to come at us, please try doing so with something more than feeble attempts at bravado. It just doesn't work for you as we all know you're anything but.

By: GUARDIAN on 5/17/11 at 4:02

GUARDIAN-My heart goes out to the victim who lost their life and to their family. May GOD keep them close to HIS heart.

By: Makiaveli on 5/18/11 at 6:25

I hate to say it but I have to agree with HP's 2nd post. Longwindedness does seem to go hand in hand with having more than just an opinion.