Firefighters to get requested traffic light

Wednesday, January 24, 2001 at 1:00am

A traffic light at 63rd Avenue North and Centennial Boulevard has gotten the green light, after first being denied by the Metro Department of Public Works.

District 22 Councilwoman Norma Hand appealed the original decision with the Traffic and Parking Commission. And although the light was approved in November 2000, it may be several months before the light is installed.

Public Works spokesperson Roxanna Pierce said the delay is possible because Public Works has only one contractor responsible for installing traffic signals in Nashville.

According to Hand, the original request came from firefighters at Engine Company 23, located at 63rd and Centennial Boulevard. When the request was denied, Hand stepped in, giving the Traffic and Parking Commission a petition in support of the traffic light signed by thirty-five business owners.

The Rev. Paul Durham, the former Traffic and Parking Commission chair, said in that particular instance, safety issues, traffic flow, the industrial parks and the fire hall played a crucial role in why the commission overturned the original decision.

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