Fireworks surround controversial bill on mobile vendors

Tuesday, May 5, 2009 at 9:41pm

Amid a backdrop of vocal opposition from neighbors in her district, Councilwoman Pam Murray was forced to withdraw at Tuesday’s Metro Council meeting a controversial bill that would have allowed mobile vendors on Cleveland Street.

At the public hearing Tuesday, Murray had requested a deferral of the bill to allow mobile vendors on the stretch of road in District 5. Last year, Council passed an ordinance that outlawed most mobile vendors. Murray followed by proposing a bill to exempt certain properties along Cleveland Street, but the bill drew opposition from her constituents.

When some of the constituents felt Murray was not responding to their concerns, they turned to District 8 Councilwoman Karen Bennett, who tabled Murray’s motion to defer. Council voted in favor of Bennett’s tabling motion 27-7.

Murray withdrew the bill after the tabling motion passed, but vowed to re-file an amended version soon.

Murray said she was “shocked” by Bennett’s tabling motion and called the action “unethical.”

Bennett said she was merely responding to the requests of neighbors, who said they felt they were being snubbed by Murray.

Murray has been under fire following a WTVF NewsChannel 5 report, which indicated she lived a majority of the time in Detroit, where she works as a social worker. After Tuesday’s meeting, Murray called the report false and said she only travels to Detroit for work twice a month for three or so days at a time. Murray’s residence is 802 Stockell Ave.

“I live in Nashville,” Murray said.

LaLonde sworn in as District 18 Council member

Fresh off her win in last week’s run-off election, Belmont professor Kristine LaLonde was sworn in as the new District 18 Council member Tuesday morning. Councilwoman LaLonde attended her first meeting last night.

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By: tv8527 on 5/6/09 at 6:14

No Pam you setting there supporting a campaign contributor over your constituents who repeatedly & on multiple occasions pointed out the laws being broken is unethical. Mr Friday Blackwood doesn't even live in the area, yet you pushed his zoning rather than listen to the numerous concerns of the people that live near by. Your time here is done resign for the good of the neighborhood & Nashville.

By: KBrooks on 5/6/09 at 7:14

That was a Channel 5 WTVF report from Phil Williams not a WSMV report.

By: TharonChandler on 5/6/09 at 11:32

If the Bill Passed would that mean that the 'gun permit-holders' could actually 'shoot someone' in the restaurant, and get away with it? See they have some 'security' struggles in those 'restaurants' where the leggy and busty babes do the servin (and they sometimes get paid by legislative expense acct).

I'm being 'shot' by something as bad as a gun, right in the butt, and it is actually a type of poison that administrators are using 'against the homeless' campers in the 'Bay Area'; they seemingly do it in attempts to get them to come in to the local 'profit warehouses' for homeless services, as championed by some specific local churches and politicians.

Anyway, Phil would shoot someone himself if it meant they would comply to his jollies. Doug would use the 'stick' to get a contender with regard to 'proposition 44' fund$. And Curry is just a sold out right-winger to Guns, anyway. TC

By: SRJ on 5/6/09 at 9:53

Pam Murray should resign immediately. She is the laughing stock of the Metro Council. I feel for the people in her district. I am glad that Karen Bennett stood up for them.