Former Councilman allegedly traded drugs for sexual favors

Wednesday, July 15, 2009 at 6:32pm
Morris Haddox

Metro Police narcotics detectives say Haddox Pharmacy owner Morris Haddox, a former Metro Councilman, allegedly exchanged prescription medication for sexual favors.

Haddox, 70, faces four felony drug counts for allegedly providing Xanax and Hydrocodone pills to a woman who was cooperating with the police investigation.

Police said they initiated the investigation after receiving a complaint from a customer.

He was arrested Tuesday night at the 1508 Charlotte Ave. pharmacy, police said. Detectives made the arrest after monitoring drug exchange.

Haddox is best known in Nashville political circles as one of the targets in yet another undercover operation, this one more than 30 years ago, designed to catch councilmen on the take.

In 1974, according to the New York Times, Former Vice President Al Gore, then a Tennessean reporter, along with the paper's publisher, John Seigenthaler, cooperated with the district attorney in the operation that appeared to catch then-Councilman Haddox in the act of taking a $300 bribe from a local developer wearing a wire.

After two trials, Haddox was ultimately aquitted of all charges in the incident. Haddox's lawyer was able to convince a multiracial jury that Haddox had been entrapped by the newspaper.

Colleagues at the time said that Gore was devastated by the verdict and two years later left journalism.

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By: eastnashville37207 on 7/17/09 at 2:14

OMG they tried to set this man up years ago and could this be the same thing happening again?