Franklin graffiti artists plead guilty to vandalism

Friday, October 1, 2010 at 2:10am
Staff reports

The two adults who were plucked from the roof of the district attorney’s office and charged with spray painting graffiti in July have pleaded guilty.

Robert Herron, 22 of Brentwood, and Tripp Weir, 20 of Franklin, along with a 17-year old male from Nashville were arrested after a citizen reported seeing the men vandalizing businesses in downtown Franklin.

When police arrested the trio they found two backpacks full of spray paint, stencils and video and still cameras.

The city’s Fourth Avenue parking garage was hit in several areas, along with the downtown Law Offices of Puryear, Newman, and Morton.

Herron and Weir pleaded guilty to misdemeanor vandalism. They each were fined $100. In addition, they must pay restitution in the amount of $196.10 to Puryear, Newman, and Morton and complete 60 hours of public service work with the city’s Street Department, cleaning Franklin’s downtown area after street festivals.

The juvenile still faces charges in the incident.


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By: courier37027 on 10/1/10 at 9:07

Stand back, everyone, and behold the genius of these "artists". Please, don't interrupt these spray paint impressionists. Their message is too important. Actually, their work should be subsidized by National Arts Foundation and your tax dollars.

By: yucchhii on 10/1/10 at 2:05

Let them do that in SINGAPORE!!! Lol. The last time an American kid got busted for that and they hung him upside down and whipped his butt (I think it was 50 times, I can't remember now) ya think he'll DO IT AGAIN? A $100 dollar fine is a joke, they'll sell their crack to come up with the money. Besides, more than likely, the graffitti they were spraying was streetgang related and for being involved with a streetgang, they should be put to death!!! I DON'T PLAY AROUND!!!