Franklin leaders taking steps to 'green' up city

Monday, July 27, 2009 at 9:30pm
Staff reports

A new plan to be released today to Franklin's elected officials will lay out nine elements to improve the environment and quality of life for the city's residents.

The Sustainability Community Action Plan outlines keys areas which include: waste reduction, water and stormwater, urban nature, urban design, public education, alternative fuel and energy, transportation, energy and environmental health.

"This plan is a community plan from the citizens, and for the citizens of Franklin. The city will lead by example," Franklin Mayor John Schroer said. "Everyone can work to achieve the goals outlined in the plan."

A group of 250 citizens worked for months during the city's Sustainability Needs Assessment Workshop to help develop the plan, which will be presented to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen today.

Many of these participants are part of the task force that will oversee steps needed to bring goals to reality over the next few years. Nine committees have action plans for each of the key areas.

Vice Mayor Ken Moore and Assistant City Administrator Vernon Gerth also were instrumental in getting this task force together, according to the mayor.

Some of the actions outlined in the Sustainability Community Action Plan include:

Adding recycling drop-off centers within the city; developing a green building ordinance and incentive points for green developments; mandating a green building rating system for new buildings; establishing green partnerships with local businesses, contractors, and homeowners;

Implementing a regional express bus service from Spring Hill to Nashville; developing preferred parking for green vehicles;

Reducing energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions; and improving indoor and outdoor air quality.

"What's exciting about this plan is that the goals are realistic and attainable. I truly believe we can make this happen and make Franklin one of the top 25 green cities in the nation in the future," Moore said.

"This is a plan by our citizens who see a future Franklin that is more energy efficient, has cleaner air, and improved quality of life because of these actions," Gerth said.

For more information on the plan, visit Visitors to this new green page on the city's Web site can also sign up for Green Tips e-mail blasts and read about the latest green initiatives in Franklin.


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Thank you Vice-President Gore for bringing this important issue to the American People.