Franklin's newest patrol car creating quite a buzz

Monday, June 22, 2009 at 8:27pm
Staff reports

As part of an effort to go 'green,' the Franklin Police Department has purchased an electric car to use while enforcing parking laws within the historic downtown area.

Parking enforcement officer Russell Morris says his new car is an eye catcher too.

“People point and look whenever I drive by; sometimes tourists stop taking a photo of the sites and take a picture of my car. It’s been a really good reaction, and it rides well too!”

The new electric car is only one phase of city's action plan on alternative fuel and energy that is beginning to add various alternative fuel vehicles to the city’s fleet in an attempt to strengthen fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.

Franklin wants to be on the cutting edge of the worldwide green revolution, and with their Sustainability Task Force, which includes initiatives for the entire community, they have chosen to replace five percent of the vehicles registered in the City of Franklin with vehicles using alternative energy sources by 2012.

“It’s our goal to be one of the top 25 sustainable cities in the country,” Alderman Ken Moore said in a release. “The city’s Sustainability Task Force, made up of citizens and city staff, has been working hard all year to create an action plan and begin this process. This car symbolizes one of the first of many steps in achieving our goal and leading by example to the rest of the community.”

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By: idgaf on 6/23/09 at 5:56

Many cities have used Cushmans for years so whats the big deal about this other then it most likely costs more money.

The "green" comes from the mush in a lot of peoples heads.