Giarratana now wants revote decision deferred

Thursday, July 23, 2009 at 2:46pm
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May Town Center developer Tony Giarratana has sent a fourth letter to the Metro Planning Commission on the issue of a revote on the $4 billion proposal for rural Bells Bend.

Giarratana’s latest letter asks the Planning Commission to defer a decision on whether to re-consider May Town Center’s zoning plan. The commission meets today at 4 p.m. at Metro Southeast, but Giarratana's letter says several commissioners as well as Planning Director Rick Bernhardt are expected to be absent.

The commission already has voted against giving Giarratana and the May family the necessary zoning to build May Town Center.

But Giarratana said there was procedural confusion the night of the vote and asked for the commission to reconsider the matter. Questions remain as to which Planning Commission members would be allowed to request a revote. Some observers believe it could only come from one of the five commissioners who voted against the amendment to the land use plan. Giarratana believes it could come from one of the six commissioners who voted against a negative motion to defeat May Town Center.

Commissioner Victor Tyler initially voted against a motion to defeat May Town Center. But when the affirmative motion was offered, Tyler voted against that, too.

Giarratana claimed commissioners were fatigued and confused because of the conflicting motions. He initially asked the commission to consider a revote at today’s meeting.

The commission will still have to take action on Giarratana’s deferral request. It is also possible the commission could ignore his request and decide at today’s meeting whether to ever again hear May Town Center or not.

The zoning proposal is deferred indefinitely at the Metro Council level.

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By: Equanimity on 7/23/09 at 2:50

What a piece of work this guy is! Way to lose your appeal for a rehearing. If the Planning Commission even lets this sideshow huckster back in the building after this we oughtta get a property tax rebate. The May Boys Town is over.

Wanna buy a poll? Go to 'Bama. Wanna buy your commissioners? Move to Chicago. We ain't for sale!