GOP nominates former councilman, two attorneys for Davidson Co. Election Commission

Wednesday, April 3, 2013 at 8:23pm

Former Metro Councilman Jim Gotto as well as attorneys Ronald Buchanan and Jennifer Lawson are the Republican nominees for appointment to the Davidson County Election Commission.

In a letter released by House Speaker Beth Harwell’s office Wednesday, Harwell and the other members of Nashville’s GOP delegation, Sens. Steve Dickerson and Ferrell Haile, presented the names to Tom DuBois, chairman of the State Election Commission, which is tasked with formally approving the nominees.

The county election commission is made up of three Republicans and two Democrats, each chosen by state legislators from their respective parties.

“Each of these individuals embodies the qualities the voters of Davidson County expect and can carry out the duties of the Davidson County Election Commission with impartiality and fairness,” the letter reads. “Their high regard for the process and willingness to offer themselves for this public service are important characteristics that will greatly contribute to the commission.”

The appointment would be a quick return to politics for Gotto, who was a controversial member of the Metro Council and lost his bid for re-election to the state House last year to Councilman Darren Jernigan.

Gotto, Buchanan and Lawson would fill the seats vacated by Republicans Lynn Greer, Patricia Heim and Steve Abernathy, who learned last week that they would not be reappointed amidst what has been a turbulent time for the commission.

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5 Comments on this post:

By: govskeptic on 4/4/13 at 6:12

"Gotto, who was a controversial member of the Metro Council"? Controversial to
whom, I might ask, Mr. Hale? Would that be to you or TCP, or both?
He was elected and re-elected several times to the Council and never defeated
for that particular seat. Just a cheap little jab I suspect. He will make a very
good representative to the Election Commission. Certain better than some
of the political hacks that formerly served for decades on our commission.

By: ohplease on 4/4/13 at 7:31

He was defeated for his House seat. And he was a sponsor of anti-zoning bills at the state level that were soundly defeated. Your definition of hack probably means Democratic appointee, right?

By: CoyoteCrawford on 4/4/13 at 2:09

Why are there more Republicans than Democrats. The majority of citizens in the county or Democrat. I think independs even out number Republicans.

By: Jughead on 4/5/13 at 8:00

The Republican Party lost membership because it leaders are RINO's who abandoned conservative principles.

Conservatism is alive and well. Thank GOD.

By: KBrooks on 4/5/13 at 8:00

There are more Republicans because we control the legislature. There were more Dems when they controlled the legislature. To paraphrase #44: We won.