Green Hills beating suspects headed to court

Wednesday, March 24, 2010 at 1:46am

Three of the four defendants in the brutal 2009 beating at The Mall at Green Hills are due in court this morning.

Johnathon Harris, Catherine Mills and Brittney Bannister are expected for a discussion hearing regarding their alleged involvement in the Mar. 3, 2009, robbery and beating of Robert DeMoss Jr. in the Dillard’s parking garage.

The three face especially aggravated robbery charges. Harris also faces various other charges, including evading arrest and tampering with evidence.

Metro police caught Harris and Mills following a brief car chase. Robert Tice Jr., who was also in the car, escaped on foot but was picked up a day later.

Police later determined Bannister had been in the car at the time of the DeMoss attack and charged her later.

In October, Tice pleaded guilty to especially aggravated robbery after police determined he was the ringleader who beat DeMoss with a baseball bat before stealing his wallet and escaping with the other three defendants.

DeMoss suffered serious head trauma from the beating and endured months of rehabilitation following the attack. In June, he filed a $10 million lawsuit against Dillard’s.

Tice had been released from prison in January 2009 after serving three years for burglary in Sumner County, police said.

In May 2009, after his arrest for the DeMoss beating, Tice briefly escaped from custody when he slipped out of his restraints and jumped out of a Sumner County Jail transport van. Tice spent a night hiding in a wooded area before being picked up the next morning.

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By: dargent7 on 3/24/10 at 6:26

Why's this taken over 1 year? Should of been signed and sealed within 3 months.

By: fishfry on 3/24/10 at 6:37

How is this Dillard's fault? Do they promise a safe garage? Start packing, folks. Protect yourself. These kids today have no respect for human life. At the least have pepper spray on you.

By: countrytn on 3/24/10 at 7:14

It really sucks that you got your head beat with a baseball bat, but how is that Dillards fault? I know; the kids that beat you probably don't have any money so you have to go for the million dollar company to settle your pockets. It is stories like this that shows how selfish American get. This reminds me of "My coffee burnt my tounge, now I am going to sue McDonalds for millions". Wow

By: GUARDIAN on 3/24/10 at 7:54

$4.00 worth of HP 9MM ammo or $2.00 worth of Std. 9MM , that's 2 rounds for each of them, would of taken care of this problem.

By: govskeptic on 3/24/10 at 8:19

This man got more than a bump on the head. He was darn near
killed by these attackers and is still truly disabled from the
attack. Defense lawyers have prolonged the remaining defendants
trials long enough, get on with it DA Johnson and Judge whomever!

By: dargent7 on 3/24/10 at 8:52

Gun Nuts, in formation: These punks, 21 years old, ambushed Mr. DeMoss who was 62 or so. They knocked him out. Had he had a gun, they would of taken that with his wallet.
"Suprise" is 9/10th the law in a robbery.
Then instead of a baseball bat, this Tice, Jr. would have a gun, and use it on another civilian, probably killing.
Carrying a gun would not of done any good for Mr. DeMoss.
Now, all parking garages need "Security" personnel and cameras.

By: xhexx on 3/24/10 at 9:10

dargent, it's highly unlikely DeMoss got attacked without any warning whatsoever if he was paying any attention to his surroundings, He very likely saw his assailant with the bat before he was struck, and may have had time to defend himself if he was carrying. It's not like these idiots were ninjas.

By: GUARDIAN on 3/24/10 at 9:48

dargent7 pull you head out of your rear end and smell the truth as your progressive (A.K.A. socialist-communist-marxist) pea brain will allow. xhexx nailed it. I have taught weapons classes for 40 years and handgun permit classes for 15. I'm 62 and can promise you 100% that these 4 would of got what they asked for. You bleeding heart criminal lovers are so afraid of the truth and your GOD given right to defend yourself that I'm sure you would of got down on your knees held out your obumacare card and told them "SEE I AM YOUR FRIEND" before they beat your head off with the bat. It's morons like you that would destroy America and make this an unsafe world.

By: dargent7 on 3/24/10 at 10:14

Guardian: You are a consumate moron. You taught weapons classes? So, what? I only respect Navy SEALs, Green Berets, and Army Rangers.
DeMoss was 62. This guy Tice, Jr. snuck up on him, beat him in the head and he went down. Had he had a gun, Tice would of found it and taken it. For you not to realize reality, you're dumber than crankcase oil.
You're a blowhard, a girlie man, and a sissy. All your students should get a full refund from your so called weapons "classes". Then sue you for fraud.

By: MetalMan on 3/24/10 at 12:59

One shot each ought to do it; .45 ACP to the head. Very cost effective way to take out the trash.

By: GUARDIAN on 3/24/10 at 9:39

dargent7 are you an inbred moron or a self made one. Did you watch this happening? If you did are you the coward I think you are. Give me a time and place. I'll put a few hundred in my right front pocket. I'm 62 so if you can sneak up on me knock me in the head you get the money for FREE. You fail "OH WELL" I'm sure you won't be missed. SO smuchbaby "DO YOU FEEL LUCKY" LMAO I have advanced DOD classes if you want to watch those you respect.. They are all great guys. I've worked with them for years. By the way BOY how old are you. Did your daddy hand down his GI Joes?