Greyhound making way for convention center

Thursday, May 20, 2010 at 12:19pm

Greyhound will operate its Nashville bus terminal at a former car lot on Charlotte Avenue for the time being.

A permit was pulled Thursday for rehabilitation work at 1022 Charlotte Avenue for $480,000 to convert the former Hansen Chrysler location into the terminal. Greyhound's current Eighth Avenue terminal is being forced to move to make way for the Music City Center.

A Greyhound spokeswoman offered few details. 

"We are continuing talks with the city to finalize something formally," Bonnie Bastian said.

The permit says the facility on Charlotte will be temporary. 

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By: NewYorker1 on 5/20/10 at 1:59

People actually ride Greyhound? Gross! What's wrong with flying first class to your destination?

By: jobuh on 5/20/10 at 2:20

I dunno NewYorker... maybe because American Airlines doesn't land in every podunk little town that Greyhound stops in???

By: 117_acres on 5/20/10 at 2:37

I wonder how all the people living in the gulch feel about this? I can see all the pan handlers standing and sleeping in front of the ICON and Sambuca. The best location for Greyhound would be somewhere close to the airport. If Greyhound's passengers want to go to downtown they can grab a cab for 20 bucks. An airport Greyhound location would be safer and cleaner. Just a thought.

By: nvestnbna on 5/21/10 at 6:08

American and some of the other airlines, make you jump through so many hoops to get decent prices it's ridiculous. That's why Southwest occupies most of AA's former slots at BNA.

I agree on the airport location for the bus station but don't agree that there is this horrible element of pan handlers and criminals hanging out at the bus station. That's something that was promoted and alleged by the Murfreesboro Road Merchant's Association, a sad and shameful pock on an otherwise positive neighborhood association. The pan handling and vagrant problem downtown has more to do with the treadmill warehousing operation on Lafayette Street which is actually closer to the properties you mention than the Hanson property. The bus station needs to be as far from this operation as possible. I don't see the bus station making any difference whatsoever to the panhandling issue, if there is one, in the gulch.

By: PKVol on 5/21/10 at 7:19

The location at the former Hansen Chrysler dealer is a lot further away from the gulch than the current bus station and closer to the MTA bus terminal. This plus the close proximity to the interstate could make this a good location. Very little residential property in this area will be a plus too.

By: 117_acres on 5/21/10 at 9:40

Actually the new location is closer to the Gulch than the 8th Ave location and it is basically a straight shot up 11th Ave. (Feel free to map quest the locations) 11th ave meets Charlotte Ave right in front of the old Hansen Chrysler dealership. 11th ave merges with 12th right in front of the ICON thus the potential for more foot traffic from the Nashville street community. Right now the Gulch does not have the problem with the homeless community like downtown does. But maybe since Greyhound will not be located in between the homeless mission/homeless medical clinic and downtown, they will not have all the problems they have had in the past. I still think there is a potential for a lot of problems between Greyhound and Gulch and TSU's A. Williams campus on Charlotte. Hopefully it will work out for the best though. Airport location will be the best place for Greyhound and Nashville.

By: tardistraveler on 5/21/10 at 12:45

Actually, the proposed temporary location might make a very good permanent location. It's sitting empty right now, and surrounded by other empty properties. It's sort of boxed in by the railroad tracks and the interstate, so cut off a bit from downtown proper. It's quite a few blocks from the Gulch. And it's just a few blocks from the MTA terminal, so folks arriving in town can catch a bus easily if they need to go somewhere besides downtown.

By: idgaf on 5/22/10 at 7:37

Just what is the definition of "A permit was pulled Thursday for rehabilitation work " ?

Did they take out a permit or were they issued one that was later revoked?

By: ferrellg on 8/7/10 at 10:42

When I worked for Greyhound in 06 and they started talking about a new Convention Center I told them then that they (Greyhound) would have to move but they did not wan't to here any thing about it from a new employee. I worked in the construction trade for 20yrs before going to work for the dog, and anyone with a little common sence and a knowledge of Nashville could see that the only place for the new Convention Center was where they are building it.