Gunman killed by Tipton County police stole truck in Nashville

Tuesday, February 15, 2011 at 4:31pm
Staff reports

Metro police believe the gunman killed in a shootout with officers in Tipton County Monday morning stole a truck at gunpoint from a man in Nashville three hours before.

Law enforcement officers in Tipton County shot and killed Chastain Montgomery, 18, of La Vergne, who Metro police believe stole the truck in Nashville. Montgomery was also wanted on an attempted murder warrant for allegedly shooting another teen in front of a Mt. View Road hair products store on Jan. 4.

A masked gunman held up Bill Petty around 6 a.m. Monday morning at an Elm Hill Pike construction site, taking his pickup truck, wallet and cell phone. Police used the OnStar system in Petty’s truck to track it to Haywood County at about 8:40 Monday morning. Deputies then followed it into Tipton County on Highway 70.

Metro police said Montgomery initially refused to pull over for officers but eventually stopped at the intersection of Highways 59 and 70, where he got out to the truck and shot at police. Deputies returned fire, killing Montgomery.

In the Jan. 4 shooting, police said 17-year-old Patrick Pruitt left the hair products store and was getting into his brother’s car when Montgomery yelled at and then shot at him. The two teens knew each other from high school and had apparently been involved in a previous dispute. The attempted homicide warrant will be abated due to the death of the suspect.

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By: papaw253 on 2/15/11 at 4:47

Well here we go another thug gets shot by police officers doing their job and his family will sue everybody involved because HE WAS JUST MISUNDERSTOOD. B. S. he new what he was doing and the family needs to realize he is responsible for his actions not the officers or the other people involved.

By: nikkinicole642 on 2/16/11 at 7:34

Papaw253...are you psychic or just prone to making ASSumptions? Do you know this family? Do you even know if this kid had a family? I'm sure you know as much as I do...nothing. However, all your brain could put together was some B.S. about his family when you clearly know nothing about these people.

YOU sound like the product of a cousin/cousin relationship. NOW...there you go, I'll make an ASSumption too!

Nevertheless...this story just left me wondering what happened in this young mans life to cause him to act with such hatred towards the world. At the end of the day he was a human being, a life, and 'possibly' had a family who loves him. This post doesn't need judgmental, racists comments. How would you feel it is was your relative?