Gunman vows to continue carrying AK-47 to parks

Wednesday, December 23, 2009 at 2:55pm
Leonard Embody's AK-47 handgun is legal to carry in state parks under new laws aimed at loosening firearms restrictions.

A champion of the Second Amendment is vowing to exercise his constitutional rights by parading around Bicentennial Mall with a loaded AK-47 assault pistol slung across his back, but even fellow gun advocates are denouncing his behavior as a foolish publicity stunt.

The man identified by police as Leonard Embody, 37, already has caused a stir by donning miliary garb and going for a walk with his weapon at Radnor Lake State Park last weekend. Alarmed hikers alerted rangers, who detained Embody and questioned him in the parking lot. He showed them his state permit to carry a handgun, and he eventually was released without charges once police determined his weapon is a pistol and not a rifle.

It's legal for permit-holders to carry pistols openly in state parks under one of several new laws adopted by the legislature this year to loosen restrictions on guns. More than 250,000 people have permits to carry handguns in Tennessee.

Embody, who declined to talk with The City Paper, is saying on Internet chat rooms that he’ll take his weapon to downtown’s Bicentennial Mall, another state park, next week. Police say they have issued an advisory for officers to look out for Embody, but “it’s just a heads up” if he scares people again.

“It’s a pistol, and he has a right-to-carry permit,” police spokeswoman Kristin Mumford says. “If we get calls from a concerned public, our officers can talk to him about it, but that’s it.”

On pro-gun Web sites, Embody complains that he was detained for 2 ½ hours by park rangers and police at Radnor Lake, a popular place for family outings just south of downtown Nashville.

“[A] ranger jumped out with a shotgun pointed at me and yelled at me to stay still and put the weapon on the ground,” Embody writes. “After I put the weapon down he told me to move away which I did. He then told me to put my face on the ground and my arms on my head. I complied. I think he had a gun trained on me the whole time, but I couldn’t see. He searched me quickly and put my AK into the truck.”

Embody says he will complain to police and the Metro Council about his treatment.

“Next week when I open carry the AK-47 in a Nashville state park (Bicentennial Mall) I better not be detained longer than is necessary to check my permit and determine I'm not a safety hazard. I will have an audio recording as well.”

He adds: “I'm not doing anything illegal by carrying an AK47 pistol. A Smith and Wesson .460 revolver will kill someone just as dead. … I find it ridiculous that cops will make up laws on the spot just because they do not like how you look or what type of firearm you carry.”

In another comment, he says, “I guarantee that when I carry in Bicentennial Mall I will be stopped. You're more than welcome to come and watch or video.”

Embody is getting online criticism as a prankster who could turn public opinion against laws allowing handgun carrying. Some commenters also are objecting because Embody capped the tip of his pistol’s muzzle orange, a sign commonly used to show the weapon’s actually a toy. They say police were right to be suspicious of Embody because of his strange behavior.

Mike Stollenwerk, co-founder of the pro-gun Web site, likens Embody to the protester who drew public outrage last summer by openly carrying a handgun outside one of President Barack Obama’s town hall meetings.

In an e-mail to The City Paper, Stollenwerk says: “Many people in the open carry community are not very happy with this fellow's apparent stunt to carry a ‘handgun’ that looked like a long gun slung over his shoulder, and capped with an orange tip to make it disguised as a toy — no wonder the police took an interest and investigated the guy. Had they seen a person wearing a normal handgun in a proper holster on a walk, they probably would have just said ‘hello.’”

Stollenwerk writes that Embody “slung his pistol over his back almost as if he was baiting the police to mess with him — very poor form and not helpful.”

In a statement, the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, which oversees state parks, says:

“The department is dismayed that someone would carry a weapon into a state park seemingly with the intent of testing authorities and the boundaries of the new gun law, while alarming others who want to enjoy the park.

“There have been reports that Mr. Embody intends to bring the AK-47 pistol into another state park. Park rangers will react as the law allows. Anyone visibly carrying a gun is treated the same way. Those park visitors are stopped and their carry permits verified. If there is question about whether the gun itself is legal, that will be verified as well.”

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By: jdawg on 12/23/09 at 3:34

This guy is an idiot who is just trying to abuse the system and make people feel intimidated and uncomfortable. Face it even though his weapon is technically a handgun, people are going to be uncomfortable seeing someone carry a weapon that looks like an assault weapon.

By: nature on 12/23/09 at 4:08

What the *@#$ ? People wanted to carry firearms in our parks, they got it! And I bet everybody fighting to carry firearms in the parks, would crap in thier pants if he walked up on them. People have a right to own and legally carry firearms with a permit. Does that mean I have to keep an eye out for any mentally or emotionally ill person trying to prove his legal right to carry that firearm? What if I carry a weapon,
and I draw down on that guy and hurt or kill that person. All I have to do is say, "Man, that guy scared the crap outa me!"

By: AmyLiorate on 12/23/09 at 4:27

Just another attention seeker. I hope people just look the other way when they see this goober at the Bicentennial park or go on about their business.

Any reaction he gets is just going to boost his lacking ego.

By: HCPforme on 12/23/09 at 5:21

Mr. Embody, dude, not cool, nor helpful. You're scaring the locals. What is it with the airsoft tip?

Nature - "draw down?" you have been watching some bad movies. I suggest you don't "draw down" on someone just because you are scared of them, or you will be spending some time in an all expense paid boarding house.

By: oldman101 on 12/23/09 at 5:23

No matter where you go, what you do or how hard you try. There is some idiot destroying it for everyone.

By: nature on 12/23/09 at 5:40

HCPforme, excuse me. I'm not as smart as thou. I would never "draw down" on anyone,unless you are armed with a weapon such as a firearm. That's why this law was passed, so I could protect myself, if I decide to carry a weapon such as a firearm, with a permit of course.
And you never know when my superior military training might take over.

By: klrnchatt on 12/23/09 at 5:57

mr. embody, i just have one comment. you are making all carry permit holders look bad, making the public feel uncomfortable and making a mockery of all the hard work many folks put in (including our pro-gun legislature) to get the carry law passed. please rethink what you are doing unless you are just a anti-gun dem in sheeps clothing trying to fool the public once again.

By: TripleDigitRide on 12/23/09 at 7:01

As a supporter of the Second Amendment, myself, this guy is a complete moron, in my opinion. His actions sicken me.

Please don't allow Mr. Emody's grandstanding speak for all gun owners.

Please take the time to visit Tennessee Gun Owners for a real look at what we're all about. You'll quickly realize Mr. Embody is not going to find any fanfare on Tennessee Gun Owners -- quite the contrary, as a matter of fact.

By: idgaf on 12/23/09 at 8:11

It is not wise to open carry even for a plain clothes offer unless his shield is prominatly displayed preferably on his belt next to his holster.

I wouldn't have any sympathy for this clown if they revoked his permit.

The weapon is refered to by him and the author as an AK which is fully automatic, wonder if they checked him out for a Class 3 licence.

By: czman on 12/23/09 at 8:51

The AK shown is probably not "fully automatic"...and thus, does not require
a "class 3 license" There are "fully automatic" "AKs" for sale, they are quite expensive and hard to legally come by. If it had been so, he only had to produce his paperwork (legally required to be on your person when weapon is in your immediate possession). A little research goes a
long there, Idgaf...

By: molonlabetn on 12/23/09 at 9:28

This man does not represent gun-owners or handgun-carry-permit holders in TN. He is no 'champion', let's be clear on that. This behavior is infantile and downright rude... seeking only a confrontation on which to base his next frivilous lawsuit.

By: slowfiveoh on 12/24/09 at 5:13

Whats hilarious here, is the majority of people refuting this mans right to carry, profess to fully support the 2nd Amendment, meaning that they are for firearms owners being able to open carry whatever firearm they choose.

They would also be the first to whine if someone deemed THEIR firearms to be dangerous, and do so regularly on a number of forums.

They would be the first to profess that the 2nd Amendment, and the "open carry" movement, includes any and all firearms deemed legal for carry.

Yet here they are refusing to acknowledge that this mans situation is no different. Lets observe the facts:

This man was walking in a state park. Some random hikers noticed he was wearing an AK47 pistol on his back. If he was really looking to test boundaries, wouldn't a fricking mall be a better place to do so? Usually when out trekking ANY terrain that is even remotely desolate, I bring a firearm too. I would sling it in the same manner, as to make carry easier.

This is a case of the Pot and the Kettle getting married. Making an enormous deal out of this, because he didn't have the firearm on his hip, and because it wasn't what these oh-so-hypocritical "you can open carry but it has to be a well accepted pistol, and it has to be on your hip" self professed open carry people, are actually quite sickeningly hypocritical.

The orange tip is just dumb, but throwing him under the bus really opens ones eyes as to what "open carry" internet communities really stand for.

Maybe we can take the "shock" that this weapon has had on these hikers, the police, and the PRO OPEN CARRY DEMOGRAPHIC, AND SEND IT TO THE BRADY FOUNDATION!

Keep feeding the antis more ammunition...

What a bunch of winners...

By: TitansFan035 on 12/24/09 at 6:27

Great another gun freak thinking that he is superman!! Nothing but a big Ponk what is he scared of, i mean it takes a coward to display an assault rifle in public if it is not necessary to do so. If he so scared that he has to carry an AK47 around i think he needs a dog!

By: dargent7 on 12/24/09 at 6:30

Just shoot the fool. Hope he draws or threatens a police officer. "Suicide by cop" feels about right.

By: molonlabetn on 12/24/09 at 9:30

To 'slowfiveoh'/'kwikrnu', the gun isn't the problem... the attitude is. Fishing for a reaction doesn't help anyone's cause, and it's obvious that was the only reason for such behavior.

By: trtay2004 on 12/24/09 at 9:32

Love it. This is what our politicians wanted. Yo Politicians..... take your kids to the park now and see how safe you feel.

By: localboy on 12/24/09 at 10:01

You rock, dude

By: peashootr on 12/24/09 at 10:06

its just another loudmouth blowhard puffing out his chest . In a real confrontion he'll piss hes pants and run , if his legs hold up, best thing to do is everyone that sees him go over as ask to see/hold the weapon. get a couple hundred people doing that every time and he'll disappear.

By: Walter Sobchak on 12/24/09 at 10:24

You're right Peashooter. That's exactly why he's carrying a gun in the first place. He'll end up getting his azz kicked by some pissed off dad, and the dad will get arrested. This guy is one step up the social ladder from a teenaged Dungeons and Dragons freak.

By: Writeman on 12/24/09 at 10:59

There is absolutely no reason for him to bring that kind of weapon into Radnor. Probably the first time he ever set foot over there, anyway. Get a life, man. Stop causing trouble. We've got too many real criminals running around with guns, You tied up valuable police/park personnel with your shenanigans, not to mention alarming park visitors. Don't you have anything better to do with your time? Why don't you teach people about gun safety, instead of gun stupdity?

By: titansjoe on 12/24/09 at 12:10

Although the guy is obviously just trying to get attention with his bigger than normal weapon, he has a gun permit. He has taken a gun safety course and passed a criminal background check with fingerprints and all. It is definitley unusal to see someone with that type of weapon anywhere in a public setting so it disturbs us. But then again the guy was and should have been checked out by police to see if he was a permit holder.
I think the guy obviously frightened people and that was his intention. I also think he must be an anti gun person because normal gun owners are good people and own guns to protect themselves and not to intimidate. People who believe in the second amendment do so because they feel they have a right to be able to defend themselves and their families against criminals or the posibility of terrorist or other foriegn invasion.
Another way to look at this situation would be if more honest people were permit holders and kept their weapons in open easy to see view, There would be very little violent crime. Obviously this guy is a dumb *%# but not a threat. Also I don't think Nature is trained at all in weapon use or the laws concerning the use of weapons. You learn these things when you are properly trained.

By: SonoraRebel on 12/24/09 at 12:16

I'm an Arizonan... and have routinely carried a holstered sidearm openly.for the purpose of self defense for years. That said... this guy's a total nut. It may be perfectly legal... and it is a Right... but with rights come responsibility and consequences. We do not exist in a vacuum. Perception of intent is communicated visually in many ways. A 37 year old man playing Commando in a residential park virtually screams 'gun nut'. Attempting to purchase a silencer for that same weapon raises all sorts of red flags for me... 'n I don't even live there. I think Embody needs a medical evaluation as to his sanity before being allowed to continue his escapades unchecked. Just my 2 cents.

By: pswindle on 12/24/09 at 3:19

John Haris, What are you going to do with this nut?

By: suntzu001 on 12/24/09 at 3:23

Let's be clear---this is not baiting. The police do it to the people every hour of every day, and everyone says "well they can do that""--but if a citizen does it everyone cries foul--boo hoo, cry me a river. The article is biased to begin with, calling the individual a "gunman"--since when does carrying a firearm qualify as a "gunman"? The conduct of the police was completely unacceptable, the conduct of the cop-wanna-be park ranger was completely unacceptable and charges should be filed against him for assault with a deadly weapon--and the person could do that, if he truly wanted to and would not have to go to the Sheriffs office to do it--he could simply go to the county courthouse and file the affidavit himself alleging the charge.

The article is quite curious--police referred to the individuals "right-to-carry" permit--IF we have a RIGHT to carry, then why in the hell do we need a state issued permit to do so? A RIGHT is not granted by permit, but the state requires the permit to carry, which does not make it a "right" to carry, but a "state OK" to do it....

If it takes putting the police on youtube and filing complaints and lawsuits to further gun rights in this state then I am all for it.

We should have unrestricted carry in this state and should be able to OC or CC without a permit---just like they can in Alaska. I would like to see the laws changed so that possession of a holstered weapon is NOT a reason to have a police encounter--this mans rights were violated and he should pursue it to the fullest extent possible.

Everyone should be concerned with EXPANDING gun rights in this state with the ultimate goal of being able to carry OC or CC without a permit--and yet you cry foul over something like this?

Everyone needs to RE-READ the CONSTITUTION--a RIGHT is NOT given by permit.

By: suntzu001 on 12/24/09 at 3:36

I feel perfectly safe among armed citizens--if you would rather not be around them I am sure there are plenty of Communist states more to your liking like Illinois and Kommiefornia, as well as that godless city of DC.

You don't have a Constitutional right to be afraid--However, you DO have the following rights which are guaranteed under the US Constitution:
Including the RIGHT to both keep AND bear arms, as well as to free speech, being free from unreasonable searches and seizures, being able to keep your mouth shut and not speak to the police, and so on--you also have other rights guaranteed to you under the Constitution as well as provided under the state Constitution, BUT the RIGHT to be afraid is not among them...

By: Walter Sobchak on 12/24/09 at 3:57

Suntzu - You should try Mogadishu Somalia. It's beautiful there. Sweeping views of the ocean, wonderful open markets, and all of the citizens carry guns. I love it there and I feel really safe when I visit.

Another beautiful place is Kabul, Afghanistan. There are nice groups of private citizens called Tally Ban or something like that. They all carry guns and really help out around town. The women folk especially like it when these Tally Ban guys help them with their groceries.

There are also certain areas of The Panamanian jungle where we camp often. The government gave these nice private citizens a big chunk of land. It's really beautiful and the locals are so nice. They LOVE Americans and they all carry guns too,

I agree with you. Places where folks bear arms tend to be the safest.

By: suntzu001 on 12/24/09 at 4:18

Walter Sobchak,
If you want to live in a Communist society where only the gestapo--err police, carry guns--go live in England or France.

The person was not committing a crime, guns in the hands of the people are not a threat to anyone except the criminals.

You're trying to equate the people carrying guns with the Taliban is quite pathetic, not to mention insulting---it makes me want to call people with your mentality a fascist-- The people exercising their RIGHTS are not a threat to anyone--you do understand the concept of Constitutional rights yes? I mean they do apply to you as well--whether you choose to exercise them or whether you would rather give them up in order to receive some state sponsored lie they call "safety and security" is your business...

He who would give up necessary liberty to obtain some temporary safety deserves neither liberty nor safety.

By: kwikrnu on 12/24/09 at 6:09

I've been through what seems a million background checks and fingerprintings. Military, TSA, employers, and TN Dpt.Safety (at least 4 times). For the most part I think peole can trust in the system and that handgun carry permit holders are good to go with guns.
In Tennessee we have limited freedom when it comes to guns, but at least we have some. I don't see the problem with anyone carrying anything which is not defined as a prohibited weapon. Color of the firearm, ammunition type, handgun style, really mean nothing when it comes down to it. Any firearm is dangerous and should be handled with care. I carried a less than a week old new Romanian Draco AK-47 pistol. You can buy them brand new with a cleaning kit and two magazines for $349. I carried it properly on a quick adjustable, quick release two point sling. The pistol was on safe the entire time. It was no more dangerous to anyone than a little .22lr revolver because I was just taking a walk around the park.

By: kwikrnu on 12/24/09 at 6:22

I arrived at the park at about 3:30 pm. I met the first ranger at around 4:00pm. He saw the ak-47. I told him I had an AK-47 handgun. I showed him my valid TN carry permit. He agreed that it technically was a handgun. Handguns are legal to carry in Tennessee State Parks. He let me go and called another ranger on the phone.

The second ranger jumped out of his truck shotgun in hand and pointed at me as I arrived to my car. I followed his commands fully. As I was face down on the cement he told the first ranger he recognized me. This ranger, who was the park manager, had checked my permit previously when I was at the park with my children.

At this point I had been detained twice, once at gun point. My permit has been checked twice. One of the rangers recognized me from a previous outing where he personally had checked my permit. One of the rangers had said my AK-47 was technically a handgun.

The problem is I was detained for another 2.5 hours because they claimed I had a rifle. Tennessee State Code 39-17-1301 states a rifle has a shoulder stock. They knew this because I told them the law and where to find it. This pistol has no provision for a stock. It was made w/o a stock. It is sold as a handgun. the ATF classifies it as a handgun. I should never have been held 2.5 hours. It was in my opinion an illegal detention / arrest. To add insult to injury. One of the cops on the scene filled out an arrest citation claiming a prohibited weapons violation (TCA39-17-1311). He told me to sign the arrest citation so I could go home. So now they were falsely accusing me of a weapons violation. I told them to take me to the magistrate because I wasn't signing it. It was a blatent violation of my rights. It was a fishing trip on their part and they know they were wrong. I hope they learn their lesson and no other law abiding handgun carrier is treated in such a manner as I was on Sunday.

By: kwikrnu on 12/24/09 at 8:23

Transcipt 12-20-2009

Approximately 4:00pm

This is an audio recording of the first ranger I met. He was approximately 50 yards west of the lake trail exit point. He ended his conversation with another man as I approached.

28:40 is when the audio begins with the ranger (R).

Me: It’s a chilly one today.
R: Hey, bud.
Me: Yeah?
R: Airsoft?
Me: No, it’s a handgun. You can touch it.
R: Why do you have that? Do you have a permit?
Me: Here you go. (I showed him my valid Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit)
R: Why do you have that?
Me: Because it’s legal to carry in the park.
R: Technically that’s not a handgun.
Me: Yeah it is.
R: No it’s not.
Me: Yeah it is.
R: No.
Me: Uh huh, I guarantee it. It’s a handgun. It’s never had a butt stockattached and and it’s 11.5” long.
R: Which side are you parked in?
Me: Uh, the one down the road. (pointing)
R: Okay, I mean technicaly it’s legal, but I don’t see why you need that out here.
Me: I was told by another ranger you had a lot of poachers and stuff out here.
R: No.
Me: Really?
R: Hold on a second. Let me check this. I’m pretty sure an AK47 is not a handgun
Me: How’s it going? (I spoke to a man passing by who was looking at us)
Man: That’s not real is it?
Me: Yeah, AK47, 7.62x39, 31 rounds.
Me: I’m going to record you. I’m recording right now.
Me: Which side of the road are we supposed to walk on over here anyway? This side right? Bikes on that side right? As long as they don’t run you over.
Me: I knew I would run into a ranger one of these times.
R: Well, the orange threw me off.
Me: Yeah, it’s a custom orange color paint job.
R: Makes phone call.
Me: Well, it’s a handgun. Are you checking on me or do you want me to keep on going?
R: keep going.
Me: You guys can meet me at the end if you have any questions. I’m in a little black Honda Civic.

By: slowfiveoh on 12/24/09 at 11:41

Some people find a .357 to be offensive. Some people find a Glock 22 to be "offensive". Many people think AR's are the harbingers of death (I own a Panther Arms Bull Twenty and am a US Army qualified instructor for several weapons platforms), and are convinced through repitition and various acts of demonizing the weapons, that it must be so.

I don't really care what other proponents of "Open Carrying" deem to be "acceptable" to carry. It is absolutely mind numbing to see the same people insulting this guy in the same manner most unqualified anti-gun nuts do.

"OMG IT'S AN AK47!" - Um no. It's an AK47 pistol. The smaller barrel length hurts muzzle velocity. True military AK47's have a fully-automatic firing mode, and a three position selector switch. His firearm, for all of its Hollywood demonization, is not any more "deadly" than a .45 ACP. Get over yourselves.

"OMG HE WORE CAMO!" - Um. Who cares? I have camo garb on right now. Does that make me a vicious gun toting lunatic? Ok here, I will hold my AR. Now I qualify right? Now I'm some horrendously bad bad man with a bad bad black gun IN CAMO GARMENTS! *GASP*

I take offense to the liking American Citizens to the Taliban, and Afghani or Somalian lifestyles as well. Those areas have always been in disarray, and when problems began, the people in power REMOVED FIREARMS and the ability of the common man to defend themselves was lost. Leaving those who HAD the arms, with ALL of the power. if you are going to make such ignorant comments, you could at a minimum educate yourself to the history of the cultures you are attempting to, rather horrbily I might add, draw parrallels with!

Attaching imminent doom or destruction, or ideologies of such, to inanimate tools that can be used for "bad", or "good", might be the indicator needed to prompt a visit to your local psychiatrist.

I used my M16 and other weapons in defense of this country.
I use my AR15 based rifle in defense of myself, and my wonderful family.
It's also one hell of a range gun. :)

You, as a citizen of the United States, should only be so lucky as to find yourself in a society where the common man is armed, and criminals cower in fear, that their next crime will provoke instant response. Response provided not by a law enforcement agency enroute, but by law abiding citizens who won't stand for their crap!


By: HighlyAnnoyed on 12/27/09 at 9:00

Keep up the good work, Mr. Embody. You're letting everyone know that Yes, there are plenty of crazy nut jobs out there with carry permits. And, many of them don't use good judgement. Also, I'd suggest a prescription for Viagra if you can't get it up. Obviously, you are compensating for an inadequacy just like most people that insist on carrying a gun everywhere they go.

By: suntzu001 on 12/27/09 at 11:09

Since you are wanting to try and psychoanalyze the person who chose to exercise his Constitutional Rights--you do understand the term "Constitutional Rights" yes? Then perhaps you would be interested in this Freudian thought where Freud associates retarded sexual and emotional development not with gun ownership but rather with a fear and loathing of weapons...

If you want to try and claim that a citizen who chooses to exercise their Constitutional rights are actually compensating for an inability to "get it up"--then where does that leave the police in your highly exalted opinion--because they DO carry guns everywhere with them--are they sexually impotent or sexually inadequate as well sir? Because if you think that a citizen must be sexually inadequate/impotent because he/she chooses to carry a gun then that means you also think that law enforcement--ALL law enforcement are also sexually inadequate and must therefore compensate for their sexual inadequacy by carrying guns with them everywhere they go...Now is this your opinion, or is it as I suspect the case that you are just a whining liberal who wants to see the nation disarmed and who only thinks that the police and the criminals are the only ones who are worthy of carrying a gun, because you are too afraid to take responsibility for your own safety and would rather bury your head in the sand and be all too willing to hand over your personal responsibilities to a government that could not care less about you or anyone else and which only sees the people of this nation in terms of the tax base they provide? You're projecting your own fears and inadequacies upon other people--that is the problem isn't it? You're afraid of what would happen if YOU owned a firearm and instead of being able to admit it, you choose to project those fears upon the law abiding gun owners of this state and this nation and therefore you believe that no one can be trusted with a gun since you already know that you can't for whatever reason, but simply can't admit it--now isn't that true sir?

We don't have the right to "exercise our rights only in a socially acceptable way"--we have certain unalienable rights guaranteed to us under not only the US Constitution but also under the Constitution of the State of Tennessee--perhaps you should actually take the time to read both--I have, several times.

A Constitutional Right is not a RIGHT that we should have to exercise only in a socially acceptable way--the people don't have a "right" to be afraid, and they don't have a "right" to safety or security"---they DO however have many other RIGHTS which are guaranteed to them and through the exercise thereof they can secure their safety and their security both for themselves and for their posterity. Once your RIGHTS are gone so is your safety and security--if you think I am lying just take a look at Prewar Germany and what happened to the Jews, take a look at Soviet Russia and the present day Russian Federation, take a look at The United Kingdom--criminals reign supreme while the people can't even defend themselves against attack and all the while their godless politicians live in the life of luxury protected and barricaded by the chosen few who were deemed "special" enough to carry guns--the police and the intelligence agencies MI5 and MI6--all the while the PEOPLE through whom the politicians obtained their power are stuck at the mercy of both the government and the criminals--to be raped not once, but twice--once by the criminals of the land who prey upon a society of unarmed victims and again by the government which dares to prosecute any citizen who has the _______ to stand up to them....And that is the society you would want for us? No thank you--if that is what you want, then by all means feel free to move to the godless United Kingdom where only the criminals and the government--(and there is little difference now between the two) are the only people to have guns...

By: DDG on 12/28/09 at 1:19

We should do away with the constitution altogether.

By: DDG on 12/28/09 at 1:23

Urban Americans have little exposure to weapons/guns. It doesn't surprise me that this was shocking to many. However, it shouldn't be. This man is accomplishing exactly what he set out to accomplish: expose the average American to gun laws. IMO, he should sue the ranger that pulled a weapon on him and detained him for 2.5 hours. I could see the ranger wanting to disarm him, but detaining him that long was a violation of his rights and obviously intentional.

By: Cookie47 on 12/28/09 at 3:55

I have a Tennessee Handgun Permit and, while I'm not required to conceal it, it just makes good sense to do so. It was encouraged by my HCP instructor and there's no need to draw attention to yourself.

What this Embody guy did was just plain stupid. He's lucky he didn't get himself killed. He also did NOTHING to help legal HCP holders of this state. If I'd seen him walking through a park, I would have gotten my family and myself away from the area and called 911.

As for the rangers, they did the right thing. If a ranger sees just a glimpse of my holster or the outline of my gun, I would expect him or her at the very least to ask to see my permit. At which point, I would gladly and carefully comply. These people have the same powers as a TN State Trooper and a HCP holder in the right should have no problem complying.

To Mr. Embody, if you read this, for the love God, chill. If you want to draw attention in support of our HCP carry rights, do all of us HCP holders a favor and do it in a much more positive way where you aren't scaring the hell out of people at a park. Come on man, grow up!!!


By: Cookie47 on 12/28/09 at 4:06

HighlyAnnoyed wrote: "Also, I'd suggest a prescription for Viagra if you can't get it up. Obviously, you are compensating for an inadequacy just like most people that insist on carrying a gun everywhere they go."

What is this preoccupation you have with other peoples' crotches? Perhaps you're upset and emotionally strung out by your own inadequacies.

I'll tell you the same thing I told Mr. Embody above: For the love of God, man/woman/other, grow up!!!! Once you do, come on back and we'll let you talk with us grownups.


By: suntzu001 on 12/28/09 at 8:37

So you are suggesting that we only exercise our rights in a socially acceptable way?

Rights that we can only exercise in a "feel good" way are not rights.

The rangers did NOT do the right thing--you don't produce a shotgun in the absence of criminal activity. I would urge Mr. Embody to file criminal charges against the ranger who used the shotgun and have him arrested.

In what way Cookie47 would you suggest we educate people about gun rights in this state? The people have forgotten what it means to have Constitutional rights in this country.

It is time the people learn that gun owners are NOT the enemy and the only way to show them that is to let them see law abiding gun owners lawfully carrying handguns--lawful open carry of firearms is a good thing.

By: Cookie47 on 12/28/09 at 9:37


I agree with you 110% that it's time for people to realize that HCP holders are not the problem, the criminals are. However, I think you'll probably agree, to the average citizen, an AK-47 pistol looks like a military-issue assault weapon. I'm not questioning whether or not a law-abiding HCP holder has the right to walk around in a park or anywhere else guns are allowed carrying openly. No, I don't think we should exercise our right to carry in a socially acceptable way. But there's a line between carrying responsibly and do so in a "in you face" manner. I'm questioning his reasoning on carrying that particular weapon.

Carrying an AK-47 pistol was an "in your face" move. One, in my opinion, that will cause the HCP "movement" more harm than good.

As for how to educate the public on the positives of gun-ownership and rights to carry, I would suggest rallies similar to the Tax Rallies that have happened recently. It may be something as small as taking a buddy to the next gun show or down to the shooting range. I do know that carrying an AK-47 pistol to the local park is not the answer. Open carry, yes. AK-47 pistol in a park, most definitely not.

Now, about the Rangers. They used the force they deemed necessary given the weapon the man was carrying. As the father-in-law of a LEO, I support what the Rangers did and how they did it. They want to go home at the end of their shift just like you and I.


By: kwikrnu on 12/29/09 at 7:45


It's fine that cops want to go home at the end of their shift. However, they should not abuse their power. Cops can't assault someone just because. They have department policies they must follow. Then there is the law they need to be held accountable to. I wasn't breaking any law. I didn't threaten anyone. I had been ID'd 20 minutes earlier and let go and the second ranger knew this because he was in contact with the first ranger. What possible reason could that second ranger of had to point a gun at me? I am the law abiding citizen who wants to go home also.

By: Cookie47 on 12/29/09 at 8:09


If this is truly Mr. Embody, what you did was a stunt that could have gotten you killed. No you weren't breaking any laws. However, at the very least, you've made yourself look mentally unstable and, in the process, painted all HCP holders with that same brush. Frankly, as a HCP holder, I don't appreciate it.

Look, I'm not questioning your judgment to open carry. I've done it myself. I do question your reasoning in your weapon of choice. If you want to open carry, by all means, do so. But, for the love of God, why did you have to choose an AK-47 pistol? To the average, everyday citizen it looks like an assault weapon. And what was the deal with the orange cap? Were you trying to make it look like a toy?

Again, I'm not questioning your desire to open carry, just your choice of weapon. In my opinion, it was a bad choice and you've hurt rather than helped the HCP community.


By: kwikrnu on 12/29/09 at 8:24

Both what choose I carry and how I choose to carry, within legal limits, are my decision to make. You want to carry something smaller than an AK? That is fine with me and it is your choice.

By: Cookie47 on 12/29/09 at 8:41


You're absolutely correct on all accounts. You're well within your rights to legally carry how and what you want. I would not want those rights taken from me any more than you do. However, if you continue to carry an AK-47 pistol, you should expect to be stopped and questioned. Don't get upset if an officer draws a gun on you given your weapon of choice. Hell, I get strange looks when people see my Springfield XD 9. I can only imagine what kind of looks you get.

I just wish you would think about the HCP community as a whole before doing these stunts. Again, in my opinion, you're not helping but hurting the HCP community.