Handgun permit-holder critically shoots robbery suspect

Tuesday, September 1, 2009 at 9:21am
Staff Reports


A 60-year-old man shot and critically injured a 17-year-old robbery suspect Saturday night outside the victim’s Antioch residence, Metro Police said Monday.

Police say the teenager and an accomplice, convicted felon Kevin Negron, 19, allegedly approached the victim who had just arrived home and was sitting in his car at his Lindy Murff Court home with a friend at 9:30 p.m.

The teen, armed with a handgun, demanded money while Negron stood nearby with a shotgun, police said. The victim retrieved the .38-caliber revolver he was carrying pursuant to a handgun carry permit. In defense of himself and others, he fired on the teenager who was struck in the chest, police said.

Negron drove his injured teen accomplice to the Shell gas station at 197 Haywood Lane where he reported they had been the victims of a crime. South Precinct officers alertly identified both men as the robbery suspects. During interviews, Negron admitted to his involvement in the attempted robbery, police said.

Negron, of Reeves Road, is charged with two counts of attempted aggravated robbery and is being held in lieu of $75,000 bond. He was on probation for an April felony evading arrest conviction. Negron’s arrest history includes theft and domestic assault charges.

The 17-year-old will be charged with aggravated robbery in Juvenile Court upon his dismissal from Vanderbilt University Medical Center where he is in stable condition.



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By: Dragon on 9/1/09 at 8:52


By: pandabear on 9/1/09 at 11:12

Yes !!!

By: Magnum on 9/1/09 at 11:39

He's going to need to be released from custody quickly so he can get back out on the street. Otherwise, who will pay his medical bills?

By: pandabear on 9/1/09 at 12:42

Smith and Wesson ?

By: Equanimity on 9/1/09 at 1:00

This is such a crapshoot, literally and figuratively. This incident could so easily have gone wrong on so many more levels. The Metro cops have got to dread this "Dodge City" madness.

Look, here's how it could've gone: perps waste the guy "defending" himself. But not before all three of them empty their loads in a residential neighborhood, including a shooter brandishing a shotgun with a pretty broad scatter - and very likely a bad, scared, or hotshot shooter on the business end of said shotgun.

Three people surely dead, maybe some kids in a nearby bedroom dead, maybe some folks enjoying the evening on a nearby porch dead. Now a crime scene with maybe 5-10 people dead and cops trying to sort it all out.

Sorry. No thanks. I'll let the cops do the shooting. It's a bad situation when a guy can't sit in his car without a couple of punks doing an armed robbery but worse when there are bullets flying all over the place.

By: Dragon on 9/1/09 at 1:47


There were NO cops there. Do you get it now?

The perps drove to a Shell station and called the cops themselves.

By: Magnum on 9/1/09 at 3:49

You are right...this is such a crapshoot. This incident could easily have gone down like this as well. Guy doesn't have a weapon. Perps take him into his house where his wife and kids are eating dinner. Man has no cash, so perps beat him while they take advantage of the wife in front of the kids. Man tries one more time to stop the madness unarmed and perps shoot him. Kids grow up without a dad and are scarred from the scene they witnessed that late August night. Kids drink to avoid the images in their heads. Drinking leads to vehicular homicide one night as a woman is out jogging and is struck by a drunk driver....and on and on...

That's life. I'm not for guns or not for guns. Simply put, I am undecided. I believe in the right to bear arms (especially within the limits of personal property), but I don't know if I want someone in the Kroger loaded down while I grab some bread and milk with my kids. So conclude, at the end of the day, here's how this story went down. Perps attempted an armed robbery against and armed citizen, and he changed the game on them. Good guys win for once. And I am all for that.

By: HokeyPokey on 9/2/09 at 6:33

Don't bother, Equanimity.

These people are addicted to their guns, it's like trying to change a smoker or an alcoholic, they have an answer for everything.

By: govskeptic on 9/2/09 at 6:50

Two dangerous thugs attempt to rob an elderly man that
has a right to defend himself and one of the two gets shot.
Bravo, in this case the right one got shot. The panty-waist
are worried about the sky falling-don't think for one minute
no matter your address this could be your driveway or home that's next. Addicted no-cautious yes.

By: global_citizen on 9/2/09 at 6:55

Equanimity - The best you can do is put up some concocted and far fetched scenario where 5 to 10 people end up dead from a failed residential robbery? And hyperbole like "Dodge City"?

This is why no one takes people like you seriously. Because you're all about histrionics and not about reality.

Most people, justifiably, see handgun permit holders like this gentleman as brave and heroic in situations like this.

I have no respect for people who want to remove the rights of individuals to protect themselves, their family, and property because they're so afraid of guns.

You go ahead and call the police. They'll draw you a nice chalk outline. The rest of us will defend ourselves and let the police draw chalk around the perps.

By: idgaf on 9/2/09 at 7:41

If liberals want to be victims that is their right but they don't have the right to make others victims.

By: pandabear on 9/2/09 at 11:01

You've got the "it can't happen to me" disease.
The cure is, it happens to you and you're not prepared.
Hope you and yours survive it.

Hey, I don't know if I'll be as cool as this guy was
if something happens, but I hope my gun is as close
and my mind is as clear.

Congratulations to this 60 year old gentleman and all the best.

By: slzy on 9/2/09 at 11:09

a noted outdoor writer said the biggest problem america has is silliness.

equanimity,hokey,you are both silly.

By: Equanimity on 9/2/09 at 2:41

Brothers, how will we reconcile Commandments with Amendments?

By: wrangler on 9/2/09 at 3:35

Nashville has a new HERO! Hope they give this guy a medal, some cash and a parade. My only gripe is he didn't give the kid a dirt nap and his felon buddy a two-fer. As to what the cops think, well, the cops who give the permit classes, and the guys on the beat will tell you they wish every good citizen was armed and ready. I had a cop once read me the Riot Act for NOT carrying. Serpas is a wuss.

Twelve in the clip, one comin up and one on the way!

By: global_citizen on 9/2/09 at 6:11

Earlier this year, an elderly man was assaulted with a baseball bat and robbed. His assailant was a 21 year old who had just gotten out of prison for another assault. The man survived, but is now mentally and physically impaired.

If only he had had a gun things might have turned out much better for him.

By: WickedTribe on 9/2/09 at 6:54

It's strange to me how everyone seems to be avoiding the obvious here.

The guy pulled a gun on two criminals, who were both armed. He succeeded in shooting one of them before either of them fired their weapons. Then the one who wasn't shot, did not return fire but ran away.

I think the most likely scenario is that neither criminal had a loaded weapon and they were just using them as a fear tactic. I think they both learned a valuable lesson: Come loaded next time.

And if their weapons had been loaded, even if the guy had gotten lucky and got the first shot off, the guy with the shotgun would have blown his brains out and probably killed the rest of his family out of spite.

By: sidneyames on 9/3/09 at 7:50

Equanimity and hokey pokey, get a life. When the 2 guys try to rob you both, hope they shoot you cause you're too stupid to get it. The guy who was being robbed DEFENDED HIMSELF> That's his constitutional right. Sorry but maybe the perp(s) was related to one of you. If someone comes at me with a gun, i"m gonna defend myself at all points. And the two perps are not just armed robbers. They are LIARS. They called police and conjured up a story that THEY were the victims. ha, ha, ha. The world gets the last laugh on the perps. And Global, I agree with you. The perp with the baseball bat should have been shot by the victim. I"m all for victim's rights.

By: byrdpd on 9/3/09 at 9:33


Which Commandments do you want to recondile? Do you believe that God only gave 10? Presuming you mean thou shalt not kill (Exodus 20:13) then just keep reading (Exodus 22:2) as to what the punishment is for a thief killed in the act of stealing - NOTHING.

By: vechester on 9/4/09 at 8:29

Hey, let's rewrite the heading to this story:

"60 Year Old Law abiding citizen Wins Argument with two Teenage Punks"

You libs always provide a little laughter for me in the morning. Truth is all the police could have done in this situation is call the crime lab and write up a report. Do you know how many women in this city carry a handgun and have been through training and know how to use it?

"Well, you gotta ask yourself a question, Punk!? Does she have a loaded handgun in her purse, or doesn't she? Well Punk?"

Hey you libs go ahead and be sweet and candy-nice out there. Bad guys don't care about laws, they just want something you have... maybe your life!

-Semper Fi