Harding Inn to remain padlocked

Friday, July 9, 2010 at 3:16pm

The owners and managers of the Harding Inn, which police padlocked earlier this week, did not challenge a court-ordered temporary injunction at a hearing Friday morning.

The order to shut down the motel at 350 Harding Place that police said sheltered drug use and prostitution will remain in effect at least until a new hearing takes place next week, according to Susan Niland, spokeswoman for the district attorney’s office.

The order named the owners of the motel, John J. Yoon and Susie M. Yoon of Manchester, Tenn., and its managers, Keith Lewis, Adrian Slaton and Chris Howard, from entering onto the property until the steps required to reopen the motel can be sorted out in a hearing.

At Friday morning’s hearing, Slaton and Howard were dismissed from the injunction as it was determined that while they acted in managerial positions at the hotel, they weren’t actually employed there.

Officers shut down and padlocked the motel, formerly known as the Knights Inn. Metro police have been called to the site 276 times from May 2009 to May 2010, more than three times as many as a nearby Harding Place motel.

Police said that they asked the motel management to curb the criminal activity but that those requests were ignored.

On Tuesday, Criminal Court Judge Steve Dozier declared the business a public nuisance in a temporary injunction and padlocking order. Police moved in to shut the business down around 8 a.m. Wednesday.

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By: JohnGalt on 7/9/10 at 1:34

Once upon a time this was a relatively nice motel wearing a Holiday Inn badge. Different badges around it now.

By: cval on 7/10/10 at 2:19

Cops have been there 276 times and there is still crime there? What in the world have they been doing? After 276 trips, I find it hard to believe that the cops then wanted the hotel managers to stop the crime. Isn't that why we have police?

By: tclee on 7/10/10 at 10:25

276 times? Sounds like the police had their hands tied trying to get this place closed up. Police can only do what the judges and lawyers will allow to happen. This is the reason I could never be a lawyer and let criminals off with a slap on the wrist. This is why they are right back out there doing it over and over again. CVAL, if you want to blame someone for things like this, look at our lawyers and judges. All our fine men and women in blue do is haul the trash in. Unfortunately, they can't keep them in there if the judges and lawyers order them to be released.

By: theTruth1 on 7/11/10 at 4:07




Nearby, A WORSE MOTEL...(Quarter Mile away) there is a Motel "that is worse",in that the foreign owner and management at the "EXECUTIVE INN" tell the employees that if they call the police except for a fire or holdup emergency, they will be fired, (Documented) they even stopped allowing the police to patrol inside (its a DRUG HAVEN ,the crimInals realy run it and are not scared of the police) and the guests are scared to call police via fear of retaliation, AND THAT IS WHY THE HIGH POLICE CALLS DONT MATCH THE HIGH RATIO like at the Knights Inn Flop House

"Executive Inn:" THIS MOTEL IS WORSES.... iTS LIKE CRACK CITY...and all the evicted FROM THE KNIGHTS wiLL now "add more violent FELONS then is already at the "EXCUTIVE INN.

THE CRIME AND VICTIMIZING OF UNKNOWING LOCALS/TRAVELERS STILL GOES ON, how do i know? ashamedly i worked there for several years and was let go for cooporating with police, ( i could no LONGER take seeing the lives OF THE MANY INNOCENT PEOPLE that the the crack had ruined.
(Families would come off the Highway (with discount coupons from Truck Stops) and end up with rooms sandwiched between Whores and Violent Drug Dealers. Victims would complain to no avail...


AIDING AND ABEITING: The foreign owners have no community ties and all they care about is the coming around to collect the money, and heck THE MANAGEMENT (is a joke) HE covers (lies) for them, BIG TIME!

IF YOU HAVE INFORMATION, CONTACT THE POLICE, I will even serve as a witness myself with others if the POLICE are serious about cleaning up that whole area.(They are just a quarter mile away,as i said)

PS : FLEAS BAGS like this should not be allowed to open again,
AND THE "EXECUTIVE INN", SHOULD BE PADLOCKED ALSO, or all this is for nothing!

CHEF ANDERSON keep up the good work!

rather then just covering your position
and then doing NOTHING!



By: Blanketnazi2 on 7/12/10 at 11:51

theTruth1 is absolutely correct!!!! Executive Inn is nothing but a haven for felons - that is well know. it too needs to be padlocked!!!!

By: Blanketnazi2 on 7/12/10 at 11:52

Thank you, Chief Anderson!