Haslam: The chances of him running for president are 'zero'

Tuesday, March 5, 2013 at 11:46am
Haslam podium main.jpg
Gov. Bill Haslam (file)

Despite recent press suggesting Gov. Bill Haslam should be on the list of presidential contenders, the governor said there is “zero” truth to rumors he would consider a bid.

The governor has been the subject of several recent news articles calling him the “GOP star you’ve never heard of,” with political insiders suggesting he could be a contender for the White House.

“There’s about 20 people who would be better at it, no, more than that,” Haslam told reporters after addressing small business groups like the National Federation of Independent Business Tuesday morning at the Downtown Hilton. “There’s at least 20 people who’d be better than me.”

When asked directly whether there were truth to the rumors he would consider running for president, he said, “there’s zero.”

Haslam also told reporters he plans to decide whether to expand Tennessee’s Medicaid program by the end of the month and added that he is likely to sign legislation that would allow legally storing guns in locked vehicles parked in lots.

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By: joe41 on 3/5/13 at 11:15

The Tea Party would never agree to support Haslam.


By: pswindle on 3/5/13 at 7:48

Thank God for small favors!

By: treehugger7 on 3/6/13 at 7:22

Only 20 people who would be better?! How about "half of Nashville" would be better?

By: govskeptic on 3/6/13 at 7:54

Oh yea, we have so many wise and experienced posters that would be better suited?

By: CoyoteCrawford on 3/6/13 at 8:52

He is too far to the right for the American people.

By: C.A.Jones on 3/6/13 at 9:12

He is too far LEFT of common sense......

By: makesense on 3/6/13 at 11:47

He won't run..too much pressure to release his tax forms...

By: makesense on 3/6/13 at 11:47

He won't run..too much pressure to release his tax forms...

By: Loner on 3/6/13 at 3:51

When asked about a possible run for the presidency, in an act of apparent humility, Gov. Haslam said, "There’s about 20 people who would be better at it...", but he retains the prerequisite arrogance of a politician by qualifying that with, "... no, more than that."

You gotta admire the man when he takes a stand....he is a master equivocator.