Highway 100/70 ‘split’ could get redesign

Friday, July 31, 2009 at 4:21am

The confusing Y-shaped Highway 100 and Highway 70S interchange in West Nashville will be the topic of community meetings in the coming weeks and potentially get a completely redesign in the not-too-distant future.

The well traveled ‘split,’ as it’s known, can be confusing for drivers unfamiliar with the mix of turn lanes to and from each highway, as well as Heady Drive, home to the Belle Meade Post Office.

In accordance with the update to the West Nashville Community Plan, which was approved by the Planning Commission last week, District 23 Metro Councilwoman Emily Evans said she plans to hold meetings on the topic.

Evans said she would like to engage the Tennessee Department of Transportation as well. Both roads are state highways and it would require TDOT action for roadwork to be done.

According to Metro Police there have been just five traffic accidents requiring accident reports were required in the last year. Regardless, area residents voiced their desire for the interchange to be redesigned during the public meetings held in conjunction with the update to the community plan.

It is Evans’ desire to see the interchange provide easier access to Percy Warner Park in addition to being more walkable and more bikable.

She said it would be up to the area business owners surrounding the interchange to determine what the redesign looks like.

“It’s their road, it’s up to them what happens,” Evans said.

In the West Nashville Community Plan update document, the Planning Department offered a series of possibilities, including a roundabout, for how to improve traffic flow at the interchange. (See them by downloading the attachment below.)

The Planning document points out there are five existing points of “conflict” inside the existing interchange. In addition, the surrounding right-of-way land is not landscaped.


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5 Comments on this post:

By: pandabear on 7/31/09 at 8:20

The "confusing" part is the most important one to address.

My friend just lost his left leg there.
Car slammed on the brakes, he slammed into
the car...leg gone.

By: JohnGalt on 7/31/09 at 10:00

"It is Evans’ desire to see the interchange provide easier access to Percy Warner Park in addition to being more walkable and more bikable."

What? The closest access to PWP is two miles away. How could this intersection have any effect?

Does Ms. Evans really know the area at all?

By: Kosh III on 7/31/09 at 12:55

No I understand. I went to E. Warner recently, my first time in years. There is nothing clear about the need to turn left to reach it. Heck, there is nothing clear abou this intersection at all.

By: JohnGalt on 8/1/09 at 12:34

Just what do you want, Kosh? A personal police escort to the park.

Directing you to a certain route is the function of a road sign. Far less expensive than a complete intersection makeover.

By: SirKnight on 8/1/09 at 2:02

I see no reason to redesign that intersection at this time. I've lived in the area now for over 35 years and seen it improved and changed a couple of times. Back in the 70's there were probably a couple of fatalities a year at that intersection and accidents occurred there weekly. Today, we're now down to five accidents a year. Besides the usual rush hour congestion, it is almost an incident free intersection!!

Just wish people were quicker on the gas pedal to cross Hwy 70 for traffic heading west to Hwy 100. Some people have no ability to gauge speed and distance of oncoming cars whatsoever!!