How a prank-gone-wrong closed Father Ryan H.S. on Friday

Friday, April 19, 2013 at 1:28pm

The Federal Bureau of Investigation in Washington, D.C., received a tip late on Thursday night about an online posting that threatened a shooting event on Friday at Father Ryan High School in Nashville.

In response, Father Ryan cancelled class after authorities notified them of the threat.

The FBI, along with the Metro Nashville Police Department, quickly traced the internet posting to Pope John Paul II High School in Hendersonville. The suspect, a junior at Pope John Paul II, was located on Friday morning and admitted to the posting. The teenager characterized the threat as a “prank,” according to the MNPD.

Father Ryan will resume after-school campus activities on Friday, including athletic events.

MNPD spokesman Don Aaron said law enforcement took the threat seriously, especially in light of the bombings at the Boston Marathon on Monday.

Sumner County prosecutors will handle the case and decide whether to charge the teen.

FRHS president Jim McIntyre asked for prayers for the community and the suspect.

“We thank the authorities and our senior staff for their diligent work in resolving this threat. We appreciate the prayers and the expressions of concern that we received through the night and this morning, including many calls of support from other school administrators throughout the city,” McIntyre wrote in a statement on Father Ryan's website on Friday.

“In addition, we remind our students and families of the power of social media, and encourage all of you to continue to reflect the mission of our school in any and all communications.”

Aaron said the Internet threat wasn't posted on a traditional social media website like Facebook or Twitter. The posting has been deleted, but it wasn't clear who removed it, Aaron said.

4 Comments on this post:

By: govskeptic on 4/19/13 at 3:42

Stupid is one thing and malicious stupidity is another that needs corrective

By: yogiman on 4/19/13 at 4:35

As a junior, that young man is 17 years old, old enough to join our services. He is old enough to be mature enough to know better on what he did. He needs to be "corrected" by his father.

By: Left-of-Local on 4/22/13 at 9:11

Okay. I'll be the first.

Anyone wanna question the fallacy of the insulated and fragile constructs this teen's home life is based on? Maybe the "correction" needs to be a reality check. Take him to Boston to see some people in the hospital for whom this sort of thing is not just a prank. Stick his loved one's faces on a few pumpkins at a shooting range and let him watch the slow-mo playback of the splatter.

Someone needs to reach this little prick with a hard hand of vengeful discipline that actually matters.

By: whitegravy on 4/23/13 at 12:32

some people just dont have a clue