Investigation yields few details about state fair shooting incident

Monday, September 12, 2011 at 7:46pm

With few known details, the Metro police investigation into a Saturday night shooting near the grounds of the Tennessee State Fair is at a standstill.

At 11:05 p.m. Saturday, about a half hour after the state fair is scheduled to close according to its website, South Precinct officers responded to a shots-fired call that apparently happened in a fairgrounds parking lot near the intersection of Rains and Wedgewood avenues.

Police later learned that a 17-year-old suffered non- life-threatening injuries in the shooting, but police spokesman Don Aaron said detectives are likely not getting the full story from the juvenile, who remains unidentified.

Officers arrived on the scene Saturday as late-night storms moved through the area. The investigation at the parking lot turned up little evidence other than some spent shell casings. Aaron declined to say what caliber the casings were or how many police found.

While investigating the scene, officers learned that a 17-year-old had arrived a Baptist Hospital with a gunshot wound. Speaking with detectives, police said the boy told them he was part of large crowd of people heading to the parking lot to escape the rain. That’s when, he said, he heard three shots before he felt pain in his right shoulder.

Police said the 17-year-old told them he wasn’t with anyone he knew at the time and that, after being shot, he ran and got into the car of an unknown woman, who drove him to Baptist. When pressed for details, the boy said he couldn’t describe the woman or her car.

“He said that he didn’t see who was shooting or why shots were being fired,” Aaron said, adding that by the time officers arrived on the scene any potential witnesses had left. Police have not developed a suspect description in the shooting.

“We believe it likely that [the juvenile] may have more information than he was willing to report to the officers on Saturday night and early Sunday morning,” Aaron said.

Aaron said the boy was apparently treated and released from Baptist.

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By: BigPapa on 9/13/11 at 6:46

And people wonder why nobody attends. Close it down.. develop the area into something viable.

By: bfra on 9/13/11 at 7:03

Guess you don't read very well, it said "NEAR" the grounds of the Fair.

By: racer84 on 9/13/11 at 10:12

Bigpapa - no matter what you build there the "citizens" who cause all the issues will still be living just a block away. Who wants to work in an office building with gunshots ringing out from the parking lot ?

By: bfra on 9/13/11 at 1:12

I have been to the Fair twice and saw nothing but fun & good times. So far, guess the media is afraid of pissing Karl off, there have been no reports of the good things going on at the Fair.

By: njmccune on 9/13/11 at 1:53

bfra... the article actually states that it happened in a fairgrounds parking lot...

"South Precinct officers responded to a shots-fired call that apparently happened in a fairgrounds parking lot near the intersection of Rains and Wedgewood avenues."

By: whitetrash on 9/13/11 at 1:57

Racer84 if the area around the fairgrounds is so bad then that is all the more reason to move the fairgrounds out and put something that will benefit and help the community more in. Obviously the fairgrounds is not doing anything to help this area of Nashville and given your reasoning the fairgrounds needs to be in a safer part of the County so move the fairgrounds.

bfra the shooting happened on the fairgrounds property as people were leaving the fair. Here is the email the police department sent out.

Date: Saturday 9/10/2011
Precinct: South
Detail: C-Shift, Patrol
Major Event Information
* Significant Incident *
Aggravated assault in the area of the state fairgrounds. Police responded to an area ON THE FAIRGROUNDS regarding a shots fired call. Due to weather and large crowds, initial findings were minimal. Further investigation located several spent shells. The ID unit responded to collect the evidence and Youth Services detectives responded to a local hospital. The victim sustained non life threatening injuries.

By: bfra on 9/13/11 at 2:17

whitetrash - I was there Sat. nite & it was either after I left or far enough away that I didn't hear the shots. None the less, how many other places in Davidson Co. were shots fired on that same nite. No matter where you go or what the event is, there are KOOKS everywhere.

I just find it odd that nothing has been reported about all the good & interesting things going on at the Fair and they jump on this with both feet. Guess Karl is happy!

By: localboy on 9/13/11 at 3:03

Good point, bfra. How'd the attendance look? I haven't made it out there yet.

By: bfra on 9/13/11 at 3:26

Attendance was really good both times I have been. Have friends that show livestock and are there all the time, they say attendance is better than it has been in a long time.

By: karlwithak on 9/15/11 at 10:06

Looney tune mccune is on it!