Judge candidate accused of assaulting person serving him with summons

Wednesday, June 13, 2012 at 2:10pm

Michael Rowan, a candidate for Davidson County General Sessions judge, is accused of physically assaulting a court process server at his Green Hills-area residence while he was being served a civil warrant.

Metro Nashville Police Department spokeswoman Kristin Mumford confirmed the department is investigating a complaint against Rowan from Kasey and Jeremy Frank, a married couple who work together as private process servers.

The Franks allege Rowan, following a verbal tirade, struck Jeremy Frank in the back of the head on May 26 after they arrived at his Woodvale Drive home to serve him a warrant involving a suit, filed last November, in which the legal research company LexisNexis claims he owes it $8,600.

Kasey Frank said their complaint accuses Rowan of physical and verbal assault: “I ended up having to take my husband to the hospital,” she said. “He had a massive bump on the back of his head, and he had to have a CT scan.”

Police so far have not filed charges in the alleged incident.

Rowan, an attorney, is running as an independent for General Session judge against Democrat Rachel Bell. The election is set for Aug. 2. Rowan is a military veteran and was a “renowned” boxer, according to his campaign website.

Prior to the episode, Kasey Frank said she and her husband had attempted to serve Rowan notice of the LexisNexis suit at his campaign office and law office, but he had “evaded” them. Over Memorial Day weekend, they decided to serve Rowan at his residence.

“It didn’t go over very well,” she said.

Rowan, in an interview with The City Paper, acknowledged punching a man, but said he did not know the individual, Jeremy Frank, was trying to serve him. “If they were wanting to serve me, the last thing I’m going to do is not take service of process,” Rowan said.

Rowan, recalling the Saturday episode, said neighbors across the street were having a party that day and had parked cars in front of his house. While taking a shower, Rowan said he heard someone banging loudly on his door. He answered it.

“I thought he was trying to get permission to park in my driveway,” Rowan said of the visitor. “He never told me who he was.”

Rowan claims he closed the door and returned to the shower, but continued to hear banging and noticed Frank peeking through his window. He said he put his jeans on, went back to the door and asked, “What’s your problem?”

Rowan said, “We had some words, he had an advance, and then I hit him with an over right hook.”

But the accusers have a much different account.

Recounting what Kasey Frank said she plans to tell the Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility, Frank said her husband knocked on Rowan’s door while she remained in the car. Rowan came out and said, “He’s not home.” Jeremy Frank, however, identified Rowan as the defendant based on a photo.

Jeremy Frank came back to his car. His wife encouraged him to go back to the house to notify Rowan that he would have to tell the judge he had evaded service.

“I didn’t think Mr. Rowan would do anything unacceptable, as he’s an attorney running for judge,” Kasey Frank said, though her husband had expressed concern over Rowan’s pedigree as a boxer.

Despite apprehension, Kasey Frank said her husband knocked on the door a second time and took a few steps back from the house. “Mr. Rowan came out of the house, and before [Jeremy] could speak with him, he ran at him, shoved him, and yelled, ‘You want a piece of me?’ ” she said.

Jeremy Frank responded that he was simply delivering court documents and doing his job, according to his wife.

Using an expletive, Rowan told Jeremy, “You’re on my property!” Kasey Frank recalled. “You want a piece of this, boy?” she said Rowan continued.

After Jeremy Frank had turned around to walk back to his car, Rowan came up from behind him and punched him in the back of the head, according to the couple’s complaint. Kasey Frank said Rowan continued punching and her husband shielded himself.

Kasey Frank said she yelled at Rowan to stop hitting him because he’s an officer of the court. She alleges Rowan then used an expletive at her and warned, “I’ll go after you next.”

“He was quickly coming towards the car,” Kasey Frank said. “I had just enough time to get back in and lock the door before he grabbed a handle. Then he looked at me at the back door as I locked it before he could get in. I was trembling. My husband made it back to the car. We took off. Then, I called 911.”

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By: Rasputin72 on 6/13/12 at 3:43

Why is it that so many people who run for public office turn out to be scalawags?

By: nashmusic2244 on 6/13/12 at 3:43

Sounds like a campaign style action. Process servers KNOW quite well to not return a second time, within minutes, to a possible defendant's place.

Return another day or some other place. Process servers are tricky and devious and therefore OFTEN appear to be trespassers and property owners (residents) have the right to protect themselves and property of unauthorized persons/trespassers.

By: Truth Time on 6/13/12 at 7:07

The allegations against Michael Rowan are completely false! I was in the house when Jeremy Frank came to the door and I witnessed the altercation between Michael and Mr. Frank. I was in the bedroom and heard someone banging loudly at the door in a threatening manner, not just knocking but really pounding on the door, I was afraid to answer the door, so I just waited for Michael to get out of the shower. I could hear Mike in the bathroom and it sounded like he had just gotten out of the shower, I told him someone was at the door he said he knew, he could hear them, Michael wrapped a towel around him, went to the door and told whoever was at the door to come back later because he was just getting out of the shower. Michael told me it was probably just someone from the neighbors party wanting to know if they could park in his driveway and went back into the bathroom to shave.
I came out of the bedroom and noticed someone looking in the house from the patio window, I thought this was strange and it made me feel very uncomfortable. I told Michael that I saw someone looking in the house through the patio window, as I was explaining this to Michael he and I both saw Jeremy Frank peeping through the patio window. After a few more minuets Jeremy Frank, began pounding on the door again, and continued pounding very loudly on the door. Michael went into the bedroom to put on a pair of blue jeans then went to the door.

Jeremy Frank never said anything to Michael Rowan about needing to serve him with a summons, the two of them stepped out into the yard, I saw through the open door Jeremy Frank stepping towards Michael, Mr. Frank reached his hand up, it looked like Jeremy Frank was either trying to grab Mike or hit him because he stepped towards Michael making an advance at him in a threatening manner. Jeremy Franks body language looked like he was attempting to engage Michael to fight, then Michael punched Jeremy Frank in the Chin and Jeremy fell on the ground. Jeremy got up and went back to his car and Michael walked following him a little ways to the car. Michael stopped and turned around and came back into the house. Mike did not go anywhere near the Franks vehicle, at best two car links away. Michael never attempted to try and open the doors or anything like that at all. Mike did tell Mr. Frank to get off of his property, but Mike didn't initiate a fight with Mr. Frank nor did he in any way try to "attack" the Franks. I was in the house and saw the whole thing through the open door and Mike did not hit Mr. Frank in the back of the head nor chase him to his car! Mr. Frank while going to his car walked into a tree on the property. Franks is a con-artist trying to get 5 min. of fame. What a joke. Rachel Bell would allow this guy to trespass, peep into your window, and strip away your rights. What a joke.

By: spooky24 on 6/14/12 at 5:50

Admitting you assaulted someone while you best witness says that same person 'ran into a tree' doesn't bode well for any legal action that might follow.
Why continue to avoid the process? 99.9% of people understand process servers have a job to do under the authority of the court and dodging them and punching them is not the right thing to do. I would say being proud of assaulting someone under court authority just lost him his race for Judge


By: MetalMan on 6/14/12 at 5:53

"Mr. Frank was going to his car and walked into a tree." BACKWARDS? PUH-LEEEES!

By: budlight on 6/14/12 at 6:28

Well of course the libs are looking for anything to make him look bad. He's a conservative judge. Backwards? Yep. Probably disoriented by his own anger. I mean look at the guy who defended himself in Florida. Bloody nose, gashes on the back of his head and the libs have already convicted him based on Jessie Jackson's and Al Sharpton's "testimony" cause they were there! LOL


By: Gnash45 on 6/14/12 at 6:45

So a mystery person pops up with vivid detail and claims to have saw the whole thing but says that he was hit on the chin? Says in the reports that he was hit in the back of the head. Sounds like a C.Y.A. story to me. So a former career boxer (by this account-- not home alone midday in Green Hills) is scared of a process server so much that he has to punch him in the back of the head as he was leaving the property? How is that self defense? Are there any reports that Mr. Frank hit him? Maybe he was reaching his hands up to shield himself or to hand him papers? Even if it was a case of "mistaken identity" like Mr. Rowan claims, does he hit everyone that comes to his door to try to park in his yard or sell him something? I thought he was wanting to represent the people. Pathetic.

By: momoney on 6/14/12 at 8:10

Obviously the police smell a rat here or there would have been an arrest made. I wonder how many times the Franks have used this ruse to extort someone. I would bet they have already offered to settle this for an undisclosed amount of cash! Plus who has ever heard of a husband and wife team of process servers???

By: wasaw on 6/14/12 at 8:14

Folks, we are missing the point. This guy, who's running for public office, doesn't pay his bills. I've never been sued for failure to pay my bills. Have you?

Someone earlier asked the question why scalawags run for public office? Ask Judges Gale Robinson, Gloria Dumus, and Casey Moreland. Robinson and Dumas are notroious for having other lawyers sit in for them while they run around doing other things. Moreland is known to have his court officers do his lawn work for him, while on the public dole.

Reckon who the gal is, "Truth Time" who wrote above, who was obviously meeting with the candidate to discuss "Issues". The discussion must have gotten so heated the candidate had to take a shower.

He dosesn't come across as the type guy I want to have serve as another do nothing General Sessions Judge.

By: frodo on 6/14/12 at 11:22

And why did Mr. Rowan not call the police. Why was it the Franks? Or does Mr. Rowan not really believe the rule of law and due process? Too many questions in my mind. Mr. Rowan can sit this one out until some things are better explained. There is plenty of lawyering Mr. Rowan can make a living from around here without sitting on the bench.

By: blakeky on 6/14/12 at 3:43

I am a native of Nashville who is aware of Mr. Rowan's violent past and his temper, and that he used brass knuckles on someone when he was at Father Ryan High School, which caused him to get kicked out of the school. I always knew to stay away from
Mike Rowan as I always had heard what a total bully he was.

It is almost comical how "Truth Time" commenter above sounds exactly like Mr Rowan.
I ran into Mike Rowan at an establishment in Nashville recently, and he was drinking and loudly bragging to someone he just met about how if he were elected judge, he would be sympathetic to recipients of DUI's. Hell, he had gotten 2 himself over the years and sometimes "it's just under unfortunate circumstances where you really haven't had that much, and just have some bad luck."

I don't want someone with this outlook, this inability to pay his bills and keep up with financial issues and this volatile temper making decisions in any place of authority. I think a lot of guys who know Rowan are just afraid to speak out because he will go after them - but I applaud the Franks for coming forward.

By: Black_hawk on 6/14/12 at 6:53

Truth time what an ironic name to use. Sounds like someone is trying to cover their butt.

Given that Michael Rowan was a "renowned boxer" I am pretty sure he didn't feel threatened by Mr Frank. Sounds like his temper. Mr Frank was trying to leave the property when Mr Rowan hit him in the back of the head so he had no way of defending himself. Sounds like a fair fight.

I hope the people of Tennessee realize what a horrible role model this man is.

By: Woodvale Neighbor on 6/14/12 at 8:31

A friend and neighbor of mine emailed mr. Rowan a few months back about a property he owns on Woodvale in addition to his current residence. The property is an empty lot with nothing but a swimming pool that was dug last summer and was unfenced and uncovered for months. It was only after codes went to the property three times that Rowan installed a safety cover. The response Rowan sent to my neighbor was extremely odd. It was full of misspellings and was written in such a way that led her to believe he was either impaired while writing it or maybe mentally ill. He rambled about how kids over the age of 9 could be prosecuted for being on his property and gave all sorts of financial details about how much the house he planned to build was going to cost (a million dollars, I believe) but reassured her that it was ok because he has the money (who says that??) and how the house was going to be 9,000 square feet (this in a neighborhood of older Tudor style homes that are around 2500 square feet. The whole email was weird and actually funny in a completely unintentional way. Another acquaintance (a single female) reported that he had been known to text her from time to time wanting to "hook up" (booty call) which grossed her out as she didn't know him that well. I'm not one to jump to conclusions but there are just to many strange things going on with this guy. Plus, I saw that bizarre email. This guy has issues and has no business being a judge.

By: gaspasr on 6/14/12 at 8:32

I have known of Rowan for 25-27 yrs. This is his MO. I have seen him Sucker Punch 2 people. His military training must be stealth techniques to attack when your victim is retreating. Yes, that is what a coward does...A normal balanced person, doesn't come out of his house fighting just because someone is on his property. Yeah, this would be a great representative of Metro Nashville, having an unstable attorney. It is only time before he attacks the wrong person and pays for it. Wake up Merto Voters and see that regardless of any explanation, the fact that this even occurred is reason enough to not vote for him. We aren't in high school playgrounds anymore. A judge none the least should understand the process, but should be able to control himself to act like a true officer of the court. HE IS A JOKE.

By: politico on 6/15/12 at 10:31

Not for or against this candidate but I have enough personal history in politics to know you can believe only about half of everything you read in any paper. I’m commenting because the general mentality of the readers simply disspoints me as an educated individual. There’s always some truth and then there’s always some slant for salaciousness that promotes readership. I don’t know the Franks and I don’t really know Michael Rowan or TruthTime, but why is it the commentators here assume TruthTime is lying and assume the Franks are not?

I understand if you are for or against a person running for an office based on your own opinion, but it appears to me TruthTime is a female who was there and didn’t want to get involved, that is, until the Franks chose to take this to the news. I’m sure the authorities will ferret this out instead of it being done in the media. Wasaw, shame on you for trying to make the fact that a female was spending time with a male in the privacy of his own home into something dirty or illicit by poking fun at her for coming forward with what I have to assume is her truthful account of the events. I suspect it is because of the outlook and criticism of people like you that she did not want to become involved in the first place. Shame on you.

I have been served with service of process, not because I am a deadbeat who doesn’t pay their bills, but because I was sued for a bill I did not owe. Does that automatically make me a scalawag or a deadbeat? I think not. Wasaw, let the court determine guilt or innocence and stop being judge and jury on the general public or our current judges on the bench. I dare suspect you’re not qualified to do so.

The Franks say he was evading service. The law says service can be made in a number of ways, including registered mail, so as to avoid confrontations. If Mr. Franks had indeed expressed his concern over Mr. Rowan’s pedigree as a boxer, why would he have come to this individual’s property and then after being told to leave while the homeowner was only dressed in a towel and being asked to leave all the while not identifying himself (per WSMV), would he have left the property and come back as a trespasser only moments later peeking into windows? I do not believe a non-aggressive process server would have acted in this manner as they would know the law prohibits trespassing once you are ordered off a property even where you are a process server.

Further, the fact that Mr. Franks had made contact with Mr. Rowan at the door initially, even though while Mr. Rowan was wearing only a towel, was good service. You can’t tell me Mr. Franks didn’t know what he looked like. Mr. Franks already admitted he knew who he was, so his claim that Mr. Rowan tried to evade doesn’t fly. All he had to do was sign an affidavit he had left the service and file it with the court. I don’t see the basis for claiming Mr. Rowan was evading service if in fact Mr. Franks had identified himself - - again, just another hole in Mr. Franks’ story.

As for Mr. Franks “backing into a tree”, I really don’t know, but I tend to believe neither Mr. Rowan not Truth Time made that up. I believe this simply because I don’t think anyone is stupid enough to make up something so stupid up for an excuse. It is so bizarre that it sounds like something that could have only actually happened. If Mr. Rowan or Truth Time were going to make up an excuse for Mr. Franks claiming a bump on the head, wouldn’t they have claimed Mr. Franks hit his head on the ground after being hit? Finally, Ms. Franks said her husband had a “massive” bump on the back of his head. I’d wait and check the medical records. Not really sure I want Mrs. Franks a/k/a Mrs. Franks M.D. a/k/a biased wife determining this or not. Think that one through.

Gaspasr, you say you have “known OF Rowan”, but have you actually known him? Sounds like you may just like gossip. And to make comments on a chat board about a person you haven’t taken the opportunity to actually know and make judgments on his psychological state or stealth techniques which you claim to have only heard of, but apparently not actually seen give you little to no credibility in my book.

Why did Mr. Franks feel the need to return? Perhaps because what Mr. Rowan is stating is true: that Mr. Franks never identified himself as a process server? I don’t believe he did based on my experience with process servers. I agree the account by Mr. Franks does not bode favorably for Mr. Rowan, but I find it incredibly suspicious that Mr. Franks’ account of the events slants all factors completely into his favor, or that a process server acts in this manner, and then races to the news. As for the comments by Mr. Franks’ wife, I applaud Mrs. Franks for supporting her husband. All spouses should be supportive of one another, but honestly, can we really consider her account as unbiased? I think not. No more than you can consider Truth Time’s, and yet you all discount her account. Very interesting. The general public is often times a complete disappointment to me in terms of their ability to use their own common sense to reason through a story and sort out the truth for themselves. I urge everyone, even my own self, to be a person who thinks for themselves and not a blind follower.

I strongly suspect someone licensed as a lawyer and running for judge, no matter if they are a scalawag or a Joke, or not, knows the law well enough to know they are not going to evade service or unilaterally attack a person, and certainly wouldn’t do so knowing that media or law enforcement would surely become involved. While I believe some of what the Franks have said, I don’t believe it all. If you are familiar with the process you see more than a few holes in their story. Bottom line: I suspect about half of what each of the parties is saying, and to be honest, perhaps Mr. Rowan is just about honesty: he, at least clearly admitted his action after being feeling threatened on his own property. Whether justifiably threatened or not, that’s up to the individual who is feeling it, but my question to the readers and the writer of this story is: Did the Franks project this same total honesty? I don’t think so.

By: MustangSallye87 on 6/15/12 at 11:03

Politico- for you saying that the public should not judge anyone and let the law decide, you sure have decided based on WSMV's news story which is probably grossly inaccurate that the Franks are in the wrong and they are the liars. No one mentioned that Truth Time is a girl-- so unless you were there, how do you know? And was it his wife? Isn't Mr. Rowan married? Its funny how it was never reported in any of the stories that this "person" that you say must be the "real witness" even exists--- was that person interviewed by the press? Everyone else that was there commented publically. This person who is the only "truth teller" as you put it --hasn't talked to anyone-- except for by writing-- which would be anyone behind the typewriter, even Mr. Rowan himself. And you are very familiar with the court process as you say. You sure do take up for Mr. Rowan so much so that I have to wonder if you are him or know him. Maybe you're his campaign manager? You say you don't know the Franks but you don't believe what they say. You say the truth must be that he hit a tree and that his wife lied about his injury. I guess you just assume there is no medical evidence. All I see is a bunch of people coming forward about what a bully Mr. Rowan is--- in all kinds of different stories and scenarios--- yet you assume the Franks are the bad guys. Have you checked their record? I haven't seen anyone on here say they know the Franks and that the Franks are creeps or would pull this kind of move or have before. All I see are character statements about Mr. Rowan--- who of course would say he was "defending" himself--- I mean, he knows the law well enough to know what to say.

By: politico on 6/15/12 at 12:25

Mustang, if you had actually watched the WSMV story you would know it didn’t make the Franks out to be wrong. Do your research first. I'm a news junkie. Sorry, can't help it. Wasaw said TruthTime was a “gal”. I don’t know the sexual preference of TruthTime; I only assumed this from his comment. You indicate she hasn’t talked to anyone but here. It sounds to me like you must be an insider if you have seen all of the police records to know this or not. As for me, I don’t know because I’m not an insider and definitely not a campaign manager. Please re-read my first paragraph: I’m not for or against this candidate, and although it might surprise you, I’m also not for or against the Franks. I don’t question the story based on anything but my knowledge of the process as an educated person familiar with the field of law. I don’t know their background and wouldn’t judge them based on their background, no more than I would judge this Rowan’s statements based solely on his background as presented here through comments by individuals here who claim to have known of him in high school or in some unrelated matter. Even if the Franks were convicts or con-artists, which I don’t assume them to be, or if this Rowan were the greatest bully ever in high school or a ladies man as implied by some of these comments, it wouldn’t change my message to myself and others: Read the facts, educate yourself. Think things through. A society of individuals that use their intellect to reason and deduct through issues is more of what this country needs and less individuals tearing everyone else down based on bandwagon mentality. Don’t just follow salaciousness in the news and take it for Gospel. That’s all I’m saying. Hopefully I've inspired you to do the same.

By: politicaljunkie on 6/15/12 at 1:01

Blakeky your comments about Michael Rowan and his reasons for leaving Father Ryan are completely false. As an alumni of Father Ryan and a member of the class of 1985, which by the way was the class that Michael Rowan was in when he attended the school, I am a little upset that you would get on here and lie about events that obviously you have not witnessed. There were no brass knuckles ever used at Father Ryan High School by anyone. If you have some direct knowledge in which you have actually witnessed the event yourself please feel free to comment. Orher than that though, keep your comments and lies to yourself. I don't know where you got you version of events from but it is a complete and utter fabrication of the incident.
Now gaspasr I've known Michael since his days as a first grader at St. Henry's and I've never seen him sucker punch anyone. I'm not saying that I've never seen him hit anyone because I have seen that happen. All I'm saying is that every time that I have ever seen him hit anyone they were in his face cussing at him, you know, verbal assault.
Now for the rest of you out there if you don't know the facts just keep your mouth shut. If you weren't involved don't come on here acting as if you know something and then make false and misleading statements about people. I'm not saying Michael is the greatest guy in the world, but don't come on here and distort the truth because you have a cross to burn.

By: MustangSallye87 on 6/15/12 at 1:51

Politico- all I meant by my comment was that no where on channel 4 news or in the city paper do you see any quotes from truth time. only on here. everyone else involved was quoted- the Franks and Rowan. I know about as much as you do about what really happened. But I wouldn't quote Channel 4 as gospel-- they never get it right. They look for the juiciest details and skip the rest. And just because they say one person said one thing or another doesn't mean it was actually said.

By: Jughead on 6/15/12 at 2:36

Rowan is an idiot. And, apparently a nutjob. Sheesh...the thought of having this creep as a judge is frightening.

By: politico on 6/15/12 at 2:49

Exactly Mustang. I would never believe anything I read in the paper or see on any news channel as Gospel. I applaud you for forming your opinions on your own based on education and information rather than representations or misrepresentations from the news. Jughead, lets keep comments here aimed at the purpose this area was meant for, to share ideas and opinions, not cheap grade school humor.

By: Jughead on 6/15/12 at 2:50

Google Rowan v. Rowan and read a court order about his divorce from a wife. Pretty nasty allegations.

By: Jughead on 6/15/12 at 2:51

@politico: Why is being frightened of this weirdo not an "idea or opinion?" Because it is not your opinion? You must be a liberal.

By: Jughead on 6/15/12 at 2:54


By: Qfactor on 6/15/12 at 6:49

I heard about this article and I had to read it. I taught at Father Ryan High School for years, when it was an all boys school, and when Ryan transitioned into a coeducational prep school. Shortly thereafter and deciding not to join the priesthood, I attended Law School, and had the luxury of practicing law side by side with some of my students I taught as a high school teacher. I remember the days and cherish my memories of Leo Long, Father Rohling, Robert Heriges, and my good friends Monroe Carell, Frank Galbaugh, Jimmy Kincaid and Sonny Willson. I am acquainted with the Rowan family. I went to Ryan when Ryan was about family, loyalty, dependability and when the “Knights Of Columbus” banded together and voted alike. I knew Michael Rowan’s father, and uncle before their passing. I went to his sister’s funeral, after she lost her life to a drunk driver. His Father and Grandfather were boxers and so were his great uncles. Computers, Cell Phones, Do It All T.V.’s, and whatever, have desensitized the above writers written commentaries perceptions of realities. If any Rowan I knew hit someone with brass knuckles the hit would have killed the person. I urge you to go outside and play, see the world, do something to give you physical awareness of realities. Go build memories and do it before it’s too late. At 80, if I am living on August 2nd, I will vote for Michael Rowan and I urge all loyal Father Ryan alumni, and their friends to vote for him as well.

By: GUARDIAN on 6/18/12 at 7:21

The evil socialist that comment here and this news median are working far to hard to make Michael Rowan look bad for him to be guilty. May the best man win and I'm sure Michael Rowan is the best man for the job.... GUARDIAN-GOD, COUNTRY, FAMILY and FRIENDS. The American Way.

By: budlight on 6/18/12 at 7:47

Jughead on 6/15/12 at 3:50
Google Rowan v. Rowan and read a court order about his divorce from a wife. Pretty nasty allegations.

"allegations"? Jughead, get a grip. Anyone can make "allegations". But proving them is another thing. I'm with Qfactor. I'm voting for Rowan because the story of thee 2 people who were process servers just doesn't add up for me.

And please, we wouldn't be talking about this story if he was NOT running for office, now would we? Move on to other news please. I heard that this story is actually getting him votes because a lot of people don't like process servers. LOL

By: jmflan on 6/18/12 at 9:09

Mr. Qfactor. I am an alumnus of Father Ryan and I have a tremendous respect for the school, Knights of Columbus and the priests and people you mention and several members of the Rowan family. Unfortunately, Mike Rowan is not one of them. Mike Rowan has a history of violence and is NOT an alumnus of Father Ryan because he was kicked out of the school for fighting. This is the truth and I think even he would have to admit that. I watched him beat up several people in high school and I have heard of his continued acts of violence to people still today. Unfortunately, some people continue to repeat their same patterns from childhood into adulthood and it sounds like this is what has happened here. Mike Rowan needs the assistance of people in the Church that will help him to learn that what he does is wrong so that maybe he will have the chance change and become a productive member of society instead of preying on innocent victims. He does not need the support of the school he was kicked out of for votes for continuing the same pattern of bullying people into his adult life. He needs prayers, not votes.